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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Beautiful Blue Eyes! Haylee's kitten, Llasa is the love of her life! Their sadness turned into happiness for  both of them!


Eight-years-old Haylee was devastated when a speeding car hit and killed her cat, Siamia.  "I cried and cried," Haylee said.  Her mother, Ann knew about Cottage Grove's Wholly Cat's rescue so they went to look for a new cat.

"We saw dozens of available cats and kittens in all sizes and colors and when we were about to leave--out of a back room zoomed a Himalayan kitten making a beeline straight for Haylee. The kitten, Llasa, ran up to her as if they were long lost playmates." remembers Ann.  "I could read the kitten's mind-- it looked like it was thinking, 'Hey, you aren't leaving without me, are you?' Haylee was so tickled that the kitten had chosen her. It was obviously love at first sight for them."

Llasa initially arrived very ill at the Cat Rescue center.  Nancy, the owner, thought they were going to lose Llasa.  She survived the illness, but she went blind in one eye.

Having a partially blind kitten doesn't bother Haylee. Haylee only sees the love and joy that Llasa brings her.

Because of the outside road dangers, Ann and Haylee decided to keep Llasa safe by making her a 100% inside kitty.

"I am very proud of my daughter," Ann said.  "She is young to take on the responsibility of a cat, and she is doing an excellent job.  Having lost our other cat adds to Haylee's commitment, and it was a lesson on how precious life is.

Haylee makes sure that Llasa has a babysitter when she goes out to play.  So either my husband or I are assigned the duty.  Llasa also rides everywhere with us in the car.  Haylee puts her in a cat carrier for safety.  They sit side by side with Haylee chatting to Llasa.  It is so cute!

Our entire family loves Llasa.  This one small cat has our three dogs buffaloed.  She doesn't take any guff from them. Even at her tiny size and young age, Llasa has made it clear to the dogs that she is Queen of the roost!  And the funny thing is, they believe her!

It took three days for the dogs and cat to settle down as a family. Now our Labrador lays his big head in Llasa's cat bed just to be close to her."

As an extra precaution, Haylee's mother bought a cat-harness for the kitten and Haylee never takes Llasa outside unless the kitten has its harness on.  Haylee is teaching the cat how to walk on a leash.

Ann's final comments, "This sweet kitty is glued to my daughter; they are inseparable."

Haylee smiles from ear to ear and adds, "The harness and leash keep Llasa safe, so she can't go in the road.  I love it when she plays and chases things because she makes me laugh.  In bed, Llasa sleeps with me, right on top of my head, on my pillow. I put my hand up and touch her.  It makes me feel happy, and she purrs, and purrs.  I love kitties."

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
  Haylee and her mother see Haylee's article in the newspaper for the first time!
This is the magic of Tips 'n' Tales.  Everyone smiles--the readers and the story subjects!


Cats can be trained to walk on a leash and enjoy the experience.  Purchase a harness, designed for cats.  Dog collars are dangerous for cats.  Cats bolt when frightened and a dog collar can harm their fragile necks.

Prevent your cat from demonstrating its Houdini-like skills while out walking.  Test the harness BEFORE leaving the house.

The first time, you place a harness on your cat, don't be surprised if it flips onto its side and lies inert--immobilized on the ground like a casualty of an old Western gun fight. Leave the harness on briefly; then remove it so the cat can adjust to the process and become more comfortable with it.

When the leash is attached to the harness, do not let your cat drag it around your home, especially if you have other pets that might be tempted to chase the moving leash.  Cats naturally become frightened when chased.

Remember this is a cat, not a dog you are walking.  Cats have their own minds and goals. The secret to success wit the harness ist to let the cat walk anywhere it wants.  Allow your cat to choose the speed and the direction and watch its body language, so you know when it wants back inside your home. Be patient.  Cats need to feel in charge, so let them "think" they are leading you.

 After several walks, ever so gently tug on the leash when you want your cat to move in another direction.  They will easily comply easily because as up to this point you have not demanded anything from it. Be patient and enjoy watching your pet explore the world.

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