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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Everyone smiles when Beau is around. Joy and Carlton
with their 3 year old, 85 pound Golden Labrador, Beau.

When Joy and Carlton drove to Eugene to adopt a Labrador puppy, they were surprised to see their Golden Labrador puppy had a jet black mother.  And the puppy, Beau, did not have one black hair on his entire body.

Joy says, "Carlton and I aren't the only ones who love Beau.  Beau widened his family circle to include our neighbors. He regularly visits them to make sure they are OK too. 

We have the best neighbors, they know we worry about Beau when he is not home.  After their visit with him, I look down the driveway, and see them driving Beau home. And there is Beau, sitting as happy as you please, with a smile on his face, in the front seat!

This has happened so many times that in gratitude, one summer, we had a root beer float party for Beau's friends.  We sat outside, on a lovely summer day, in our back yard.  Everyone enjoyed meeting the other members of Beau's extended family as they sipped on root beer floats.  They had one thing in common, they love our dog's 'out going' personality."

Joy continues, "Beau is so enthusiastic when he kisses you, that you almost need a bath afterwards!"

Joy and Carlton are glad that Beau's huge canine teeth finally stopped growing.  Joy explains, "Beau chewed through our rattan furniture before he matured.  It appeared he took it on as a personal challenge!  Despite all his chewing, his teeth grew in beautifully. They are gorgeous when he smiles, yet look menacing when he is guarding our property.

Beau spent the first three years of his life digging up the lawn, and chewing any packages left on our porch.  True to his Labrador nature and nose, he can't leave anything alone when it has someone's scent on it."

The Labrador breed is also known for their love of water, and Beau is no exception.  But, he might be considered one of the luckiest dogs in town!  He has his very own full size, in ground, swimming pool to cool off in whenever he wants.

Carlton comments, "Beau understands many words and is easy to communicate with.  That is, unless he chooses to ignore us. Beau considers the Jeep his car, and when we ask him if he wants a car ride, he goes out and sits by it."  Joy adds, "We love Beau with all our hearts, this is the only kind of love you can buy!"


Elda, a Tips 'n' Tales reader in New Jersey writes, "Thanks for all the wonderful pet tips.   Here is mine; when my cat sheds, I use a lint-roller on her fur.  The roller's sticky tape picks up her dead fur, and she LOVES it!   She purrs and stretches and turns over, so I can do her underside. 

When she's shedding, I use the lint-roller every day - she gets upset with me if I forget!  And at this time of year, we use about 6 of the roller sheets.  Lint-rollers are inexpensive at Cost-co.  Roller-brushing her saves her from swallowing fur while grooming, and stops her from coughing up fur balls.
Nancy, a Tips 'n' Tales reader in Prescott Arizona, "In addition to money, animal shelters and other animal adoption organizations also need volunteers to walk dogs, pet and care for cats, and help with adoptions.  I have been volunteering with the Humane Society here in Prescott for a year and it's wonderful.  I am thrilled each time one of "my" pets finds a loving, new home."

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Nymbus, "Kitty-Paddling"

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