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S-T-R-E-T-C-H Kitty
- Four Feet from Toe to Toe -

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
S-T-R-E-T-C-H kitty!  Jana demonstrates that her Savannah cat, Maxx, is indeed four feet long from toe to toe! He could very well be the longest cat you'll ever see! Maxx's rare breed has traits and a personality that make him more like a dog than cat!


When you attend a cat show, you will observe how professional judges hold up the thin Siamese cats under their arm pits, and support them by their back legs.  It looks impressive.  The cats are obviously very relaxed and comfortable with this position as they are stretched out to an impressive length.  Judges do not hold Persian cats this way.  The square shape of a Persian's body does not have the capacity to stretch like its Yoga master counterpart the Siamese. 

Jana's Svannah cat, Maxx, takes the stretch-look to the max!  He is four feet from the tip of his outstretched front legs to his rear toes!  He is to stretch limos what other cats are to Volkswagens!
Maxx stands 15 inches high f
rom toe to shoulder.  His body is designed for speed running, as his hind quarters are taller than his shoulders.  Most Savannhas are marked like leopards, but Maxx resembles a long slender panther with his very tall legs.  Maxx's deep black color gives him a very regal Egyptian appearance.

The Savannha breed was developed when a  cat breeder's Serval Cat (a medium-sized wild African cat) crossbred with her domestic Siamese cat in 1986.  The Savannha is more social than most domestic cats, has the loyalty of a dog, and the purrsonality to make them the comic in a home.

Maxx's hobby is hunting birds and mice.  Even though he is declawed, he captures rodents cutting down on the river road's neighborhood pest problem.  When moles moved into his neighborhood, they frustrated homeowners.  People tried every method and product on the market to rid their yards of moles.  Maxx proved to be the answer to their problem.  His skill at mole removal, using the ancient and much approved feline method, has endeared him to his neighbors.  They appreciatively call him, "The Mole Exterminator" and send him gifts of catnip mice.  


- Keep cats away from birds and bunnies!  Most break-a-way cat collars have a tiny loud bell  that helps alert other animals of their proximity.  These safe collars also alert small dog owners to the location of their underfoot pet.

- ONLY purchase dog toys for not buy new or used children's stuffed toys for your dogs. The fabric or stuffing of children's toys often have flame retardants and chemicals to retard bacterial growth. Neither of these are safe for your pets to chew on and they are toxic when swallowed.  A new dog toy may cost more, but is much cheaper than a huge vet bill and a dog struggling to live.
Information: Dog Deaths from Chewing Stuffed Toys
- Caution: "Never approach dogs in vehicles without first asking permission of the owner.   Dogs often consider the vehicles their territory and will protect it against perceived threats.  Approaching too closely to it or the dog may violate the dog's territorial instincts," advises Janetta Overholser, president of Humane Society of Cottage Grove.

-Your pets may be trying to save your life.  If your cat or dog sniffs your breath, or scratches or digs at the same area of your body over and attention.  They often alert their guardians to oncoming seizures, diabetic comas, or like a chiropractic friend of mine's Dachshund who kept scratching a certain area of her abdomen.  She became suspicious and made a doctor appointment.  The doctor discovered she had a cancer in the area under her skin and successfully removed it. 

- Recently, my cat, Miss Wings, sniffed my breath on one side of my mouth and then looked up at me.  From experience I instantly knew, "Oh, no, one of my teeth are in trouble."  Sure enough, the very next day, a cap lifted off a tooth, on that side of my face, and the dentist replaced it.  Paying attention to your pets' clues may save you time, money, and your health or life.
- "Never, ever leave anything in your car with your pet that they can get their heads into.  A friend's beautiful Golden Retriever was in their car, the dog stuck his head into a partially opened bag of potato chips, and could not pull his head out, and smothered.  My friend was heartbroken, and had no idea how quickly things can happen," says Tips 'n' Tales reader Pat in Chehalis, Washington.
- Do winged bugs enter when your cats and dogs come in the door?  We purchased a plastic carpet runner, stapled it onto wood, cut it into 2 inch strips, and hung it over the opening where our cats enter their cat cage.  It stops 98% of the bugs.
- Fleas bugging you?  We purchased the natural flea product by Mad About Organics, put one drop on our fingers (because it is safe) and rubbed that one drop all over our cats.  The next day, no fleas.  Fleas do not like the smell, and the product is pet friendly.  Also, we dip the flea comb into a glass of water with one drop of the M.A.O. flea product added, and comb our pets.  This way, the water spreads the fragrance of the product deeper into the pets fur discouraging fleas from hopping a free ride and meal on your pet.
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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimmingMary Ellen and Miss Wings
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