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Dog, Man's Best Medicine

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Al's favorite visitor at Coast Fork Nursing Center
is his best friend, 5 year old Black Labrador, Beau.



It was a typical forty-degree-below-zero winter's day in Marathon, Ontario, Canada, 62 years ago. Al's faithful dog had  followed him to school again and patiently waited for Al outside.  Al's kind hearted teacher let the dog come in for warmth, where it happily sat under his school desk. Al still remembers, "It doesn't get any better than that; to sit in class with your dog beside you!"

Al has always loved dogs, and Beau is no exception. When Al broke his hip 2 months ago, and went to Coast Fork Nursing Center, his wife Sharon chaffered Beau in for daily visits.  The staff at Coast Fork encourage pet visits for the morale of their residents.

Al shares a dream he had one Spring morning that included Beau.  "After retirement, I dreamed that Beau and I drove up Weyerhauser Road, beside Cottage Grove Lake, to go fishing.  As plain as day, I saw a large rock that was twelve feet off the roadway.  It was a good place to fish for Bass, so I stopped, left Beau sitting beside the truck, and slid down to the lake.  I cast my fishing line out and caught the biggest Bass ever.  The fish shown like gold in the sunlight!  And, it must have weighed six pounds!

Well, the dream was so real, and I was excited about the prospect of a big catch, so when I woke up at 5:30 am, I grabbed my fishing pole and Beau, and we headed over to Weyerhauser Road.  We drove the full length of the road, beside the lake, to the very end, but we  did not see the fishing place in the dream.

So, we turned around and headed home.  On the way back, I saw the rock!  Just like the one in the dream!  It was twelve feet below the side of the road!  I had never seen it before!  So I stopped the truck, grabbed my fishing pole, had Beau wait beside the truck and slid down the bank to the lakeside.

There was a beautiful willow tree overhanging the lake by the rock.  Since fish love hanging out  under trees to catch the bugs that fall off into the water, I cast my line in that direction.

Nothing.  So I cast the fish line out again.  Suddenly, this HUGE Bass swims at a high rate of speed towards the sparkling fishing lure.  He was on an angle, sideways, and the early morning sun rays reflected off his scales like glitter and gold.

Beau saw the fish at the same moment I did.  He couldn't contain himself and dove off the edge of the roadway, twelve feet, straight into the lake, and swam under water after it.

Everything was happening exactly as in the dream!  I finally landed both the dog and the fish onto shore.  I released the fish, and we happily headed home with a memory and a dream that I will never forget!



Al adds, "Beau loves to swim, and he loves to wander, so when we had him neutered, we also had the vet insert an ID chip in him. Occasionally, Beau goes for long walks in the country, maybe to visit his old girlfriends?  Once, someone contacted the ID company when they found Beau.  We received a call from California on where to go to retrieve Beau.  That chip was worth every penny!"

Dick, a Tips 'n' Tales reader in Redondo Beach, California, "Thank you for each and every wonderful pet story. They are told so well, and the pictures are compelling.  From reading Tips 'n' Tales, I have developed a warmth for dogs and cats that I never had before."


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