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Never Chase Your Tail While on a Window Ledge!

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A house is a house until it houses a pet - then it becomes a home! Virginia's home lost its magic when her cat, Jake, died.  A friend-inspired, whirlwind trip to the Humane Society led Virginia to Baby Boy. Adopting him has filled her home with warmth, companionship and laughter especially when he chases his tail on a window ledge!


When Virginia's cat, Jake, died she felt lonely and missed his ever-present company. Her husband had died a few years previously so Jake's passing magnified her loneliness.

"I was very sad without a kitty friend to share my life with," said Virginia. "So one day my best friend, Christel, decided that I needed another cat 'NOW! and and insisted upon driving me to the Humane Society to find one."

"I spotted Baby Boy sitting in a windowed room. The sign on his window said, 'Shy, but oh so sweet. Six years old.'"

I am in my late seventies so felt it best to avoid adopting a kitten.  At my age, shooing a kitten off the curtains or possibly tripping over him and/or breaking a bone is not on my wish list. And I didn't want to worry about my pet's fate should I die first. I certainly didn't want Baby Boy to have to return to the shelter should that happen. After all, the poor thing had already been rejected twice.

Due to the poor economy, Baby Boy's original 'parents' (who kept him and his mother for six years), took him to the shelter; the second family decided he was too shy. I knew in my heart that Baby Boy was purrfect for me and that he was worried that I too, would reject him. So I whispered reassuredly to him that when I make any type of commitment, I make it for life. When you adopt an older cat you save its life and 'what you see, is what you get', purrsonality-wise.
God knew how much I needed this cat. Adopting Baby Boy actually saved both of our lives. Truthfully, loving Jake for 15- years, I did not know if I could go on after he died. But Baby Boy has brought so much joy into my life. I love him and care for him, and he makes me feel loved and needed in return. After all what is life without love? Pets teach us unconditional love.

Baby Boy likes chasing his tail. This is fine when he's on the floor, but the silly cat also tries this on the window ledge! You can imagine the consequences, I'm sure! So, I placed a chair under the window ledge to "cat-ch" him after his inevitable tumbles.

When Baby Boy is hungry he heads into the kitchen. If I don't serve his food fast enough for him, he stretches up full length beside me.  He places his paws onto the counter, resembling a short, furry man.

When I sit in the recliner, Baby Boy insists upon sitting in my lap. But when the recliner is empty, he jumps onto it to sit with his big tummy facing outward, one leg on a recliner arm, the opposite leg's paw resting on his tummy to watch TV, resembling a little old man sitting there.

Baby Boy is wonderful company all day and at night he sleeps beside me. Then in the morning, he joyfully shows off by racing down the hallway. Next, he runs through the kitchen, then back up the hallway, quite a feat considering he weighs 16 pounds. It is a good thing Baby Boy has this early morning exercise routine; otherwise,I might have to change his name to 'BIG Boy' and sign him up for 'The Biggest Loser' TV show!"


Ann N. Martin's book Food Pets Die For, lists a natural flea-repellant solution. "Adding Brewer's yeast to a pet's diet used to be the way to rid it of fleas. Recently, however, information suggests that a large amount is needed to repel the fleas which may actually adversely affect your pets health. Sprinkle Brewer's yeast onto your pet, vs. adding to food. Thoroughly rub into the pet's coat to their skin surface. Fleas cannot stand the smell of yeast and will jump off of your pet. This is best done outdoors to keep the fleas out of your home. Using a fine-tooth comb through the fur to further remove fleas/flea eggs. Dip the comb in soapy water to promote the fleas' demise.

Ms. Martin also lists a flea "sure cure": "Sprinkle ordinary table salt on carpets, floors, furniture, and into cracks and crevices around baseboards where fleas hide. Wait at least one to two hours before vacuuming. Salt is toxic to fleas/flea eggs. The very best way to rid your house of fleas is to vacuum,vacuum, vacuum."  Also, wash your pet's bedding in hot water, frequently.
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