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Bud's Buddy,
"Just What the Doctor Ordered!"

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bud and his "best buddy" Buddy share more than their names!
Their companionship is "just what the doctored ordered."


Everyone asks, "Is it a heavensent message that Bud and his dog, Buddy, have the same name?"  The answer is "YES!"

Bud is healing from his wife's recent passing in December and he recalls, "When we moved from Seattle to Cottage Grove, 15 years ago, my wife and I fell in love with the area, the people, and the scenery. We loved everything but the deer who ate our prized roses. Our dog, at that time, stayed on guard, our roses grew back, and then we loved seeing the deer in their natural habitat!"

With his wife's passing Bud was consumed with an aching loneliness. "Life has changed,"  Bud admits quietly. "The loneliness is so deeply acute. It comes with a physical pain. Thankfully my son, Jimmy, moved down from Seattle and my doctor's prescription for loneliness was, 'Get a dog!'"

I saw a Golden Labrador, named Buddy, on the Adopt-a-Pet page in the Cottage Grove Sentinel, so with the doctor's good advice Jimmy and I went to look at the dog."

Was the dog's name a positive omen? Bud feels his faith in God and his wife's love guiding him from heaven both played a big part in this amazing pet connection.

Buddy's foster family had fostered him for 2- of his 4 years of life and were waiting for just the right home for him. Buddy had come from an abusive beginning and with his gentle-loving spirit they knew he needed a very special and caring home.

The minute Bud saw Buddy, without question, he knew that Buddy was the dog for him!

"This dog has helped me keep my sanity during the grieving process. I honestly think that they would have buried me if it had not been for my son and dog," explains Bud.

"Now, Buddy is all but tattooed to my hip! We needed each other and we are inseparable. Even at 4 years of age, Buddy still has a lot of puppy in him. Labs are active, full of bounce and health, but not hyper. Buddy loves to chase a ball. His favorite is a bright-green tennis ball, but he is not picky, he will chase anything, anybody throws, anytime, anywhere, over, and over, and over! Even if it is Jimmy who throws the ball Buddy always returns the ball to me," laughs Bud.

"Buddy is a wonderful companion, nonjudgmental, loves me unconditionally, and he gives me a reason to get up and move. We walk together, 2 miles a day, along the Row River Trail! Not bad for a 78-year-old and his best buddy!

The advantage of adopting an older dog is that Buddy came leash trained! He walks quietly beside me and never pulls. Well, that is until someone walks towards us! Then Buddy thinks it is his duty to personally greet and lift the other walker's spirit, and that it's "their duty"  to meet him for a "spontaneous" and exuberant petting session.

Buddy is always doing something to thrill me, make me smile, laugh or warm my heart! When I sit in my easy chair, he lays on the floor, beside the chair, and puts his feet up into my lap. He's a wonderful dog!"

It is no surprise to Bud that Labrador retrievers are #1 with the American Kennel Club "because of their attachment to their families." Bud's also never met a Lab he didn't like!  When Bud was in the US Air Force he was stationed in Labrador, Canada for 13 months.  He still feels cold  remembering their 200 inches of snow!

"Labrador dogs come from Labrador. No wonder they are so hardy!" states Bud. "Apparently, fishermen had their Labrador dogs on their boats.  If a fisherman fell overboard, they knew that their dog would jump into that frigid water and be their life buoy back to the boat!

When we are outside, Jimmy holds our cat, Jo, and then puts her down in front of Buddy. Instead of the dog chasing the cat, Jo chases Buddy right across the lawn! We laugh at their fun game because they are also the best of "buds".

When Buddy first arrived, and Jo wanted outside, Jo was afraid of Buddy. Not now! Jo walks right under Buddy's belly or nose and goes outside.

The elementary school bus stops close to us. When the dozen children are lining up to climb aboard Buddy goes into high gear and then some! He "insists" on each child patting him before they board, so they have a paws-itive start to their day!

I've heard that Labs have a serious problem, 'They can't hold their licker!'" laughs Bud. "Buddy may be a golden colored lab, but it is really his heart that is gold!"

An interesting side note; 40 years ago Bud and his wife lived a five hour drive north in Seattle, Washington. They wanted to adopt a baby and soon heard about a baby boy who was born in Cottage Grove, Oregon! They drove straight down and picked up their little bundle of joy! Life certainly has many twists and turns, and now Jimmy lives back in the town where he was born!


American Kennel Club's Top 10 Dog Breeds

1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd
3. Yorkshire Terrier
4. Golden Retriever
5. Beagle
6. Boxer
7. Bulldog
8. Dachshund
9. Poodle
10. Shih Tzu



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