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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bogart, a star in his own right, was a shelter foster dog before he became a pampered pooch with Sharon and Ron.


You read about death, destruction, and devastation in newspapers, but can you find love and laughter? Sharon and Ron discovered the latter two from a newspaper photograph.

"In 2005, Muffin, our precious six-year-old Pekingese died and we were heartbroken," said Sharon, "She passed peacefully in my arms, and I cried for weeks.

Concerned friends advised us to get another dog right away.  But, I couldn't fathom ever having another pet and then losing it. I never again wanted to experience that deep-level of grief over a beloved pet.

As time passed, and we healed, I caught myself checking the "pets wanting homes" column in the newspaper.  All the while fooling myself; believing that I was curious, killing time, or just seeing what was out there.

When I came home from work in October 2009, Ron had placed a full page advertisement from the Animal Shelter on the dining room table.  Photographs of available dogs and cats looking for families stared up at us.

There in living color was Bogart, a nine year old Pekingese. I looked at him, put my finger on his picture, and declared out loud, "I want that dog!"

We found ourselves dialing the Shelter. When they answered I said, "We want to come and get Bogart."  There was a moment of confusion when they responded,"Who's Bogart?"  The mystery was solved when we learned he was at a volunteer's home in foster care.  We drove right over.
After Bogart, his foster parents, and the shelter approved of us, we were able to bring him home on Saturday. He was one sick puppy and still needs special dietary attention, which we are glad to give him.  He has allergies and we are seeing a specialized Veterinarian Dermatologist!

Little Bogart instantly settled in with us.  It is as if he'd always been part of our family.  He is a joy, and as with all things joyous, we can't imagine life without him. Bogart loves sitting in our laps as much as we love him sitting in them.

When we first brought him home, he was so ill that his tail was not arched up like a Pekingese's should.  He became our Pet Project to get him healthy and we are glad to say, he is to the tip of his curving tail now.

Bogart loves sitting at the window and looking out onto our 5 acres as much as he loves running around it investigating nature's many mysteries.

Bogart fits well into Ron's and my laid back life style. At night, we all enjoy watching TV together in bed," continued Sharon.

No wonder they love relaxing in bed! Ron, a civil Engineer, owns Geomax Engineering & Surveying.  They are both members of the Kiwanis Club, and Sharon
serves on the Boys & Girls Advisory Council, the Cottage Grove Greeters, and is a Visionkeeper, and she recently retired after seven years as the Festival Coordinator for the city's annual Bohemia Mining Days.

"When Bogart sees us preparing his dinner, he gets so excited that he stands up on his two hind legs and dances in circles for dinner. He is adorable!

Shelter dogs, especially the older ones, need a home where they can be loved, comfortable and safe.
Bogart walks with us, but if we said, "Jump in the car," he walks directly back to the house.  He will only get in the car if on a leash.  Ron and I wonder if this is because he remembers someone saying, "Let's go for a car ride," and then he found himself abandoned at a shelter.  It was his and our lucky day when his sweet little mug shot appeared in the newspaper!
Senior dogs come with their own brand of wisdom. Opening your homes and hearts helps them and you too.  Yes, you can find love in a newspaper, and it is a good feeling to save a life, watch the animals improve, and become happy loving pets again.  Bogart brings us continuous  joy," adds Sharon with a huge smile.


Sharon shares Bogart's special diet, "Currently, we are trying to isolate possible causes of his allergy.  His treats, canned food, and dry food are specially formulated and consist of 99% duck and potato. I also bake potatoes for him." Sharon laughs and adds, "We do not go duck hunting to provide him this diet. We purchased his food from veterinary clinics; Royal Canine & Hills Prescription Diet.  Soon, we will add other foods in small amounts, to see what he can tolerate."

Remember this information!  It is not only the high temperatures in your vehicles that should encourage you to keep your pets at home.
When you are in a store, you cannot see the parking lot, thus you can not see your pet.
Some unsavory people are stealing dogs out of locked vehicles and selling them as their own.   It is cool to keep your pets safe at home.

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