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Photo by Brooke Chamberlain at©
A Shuttering Experience For Pet Tips 'n' Tales!
Photo of Smiley the Camera was supplied by a caring
friend's grieving camera at the camera hospital.


As I stood there in disbelief, my mind reeled, I could already see the camera's obituary in print!

Smiley the Camera was born December 25, 2007, in Eugene, Oregon, and died suddenly September 1, 2009, in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper column has suffered a CAT-astrophe!  Small-town  photojournalists purchase their own camera equipment, so sadly this great loss affects the public!

After photographing a fabulous dog and his doting parents, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe's" Nikon camera unexpectedly jumped out of its camera bag, flew into the air - in a beautiful arc, mind you - and with no agility skill, it belly-flopped hard on the cement, and rolled to its death. Mary Ellen stifled a screamed as it lay lifeless!

What an ominous sight! The mouth of the camera was gaping open. The lens was severed from the main camera body. Little upsetting fragmented pieces of camera lay quietly on the concrete floor.

Sadly, the camera that brought so much joy, and inspired and uplifted readers with its beautiful photographs, suffered an untimely death. It was heart-breaking surveying the remains.

The Tips 'n' Tales pet newspaper column inspires readers, makes them laugh, touches their hearts, and educates them about how to care better for their pets. This special camera will long be remembered for bringing these stories to life.

As Mary Ellen stood looking down at her camera, her wallet cramped and then teared up because each Tips 'n' Tales is an act of love.

The now-deceased camera cost more than what Mary Ellen earns in a year of writing the columns (see, it is an act of love), and replacing Smiley is going to take some special magic!

No service is planned. Soul survivor is Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe." In lieu of sending digital flowers in tribute for the many beautiful and heart-warming photographs from this beloved camera, donations may be sent to your favorite pet charity.

Of course, no such news flash appeared in the paper.  I carefully picked up the many pieces that had once made Smiley whole, rushed her into the house, and placed a panic 911 call to Advance Camera in Portland, Oregon.
Their Emergency Camera Technician listened sympathetically and responded, "Oh, that does not sound good! Send Smiley to us, and we will try our best to save her."

Two days later, the much-anticipated telephone call came. I nervously answered, held my breath, and asked how the patient was doing.
To make matters worse; I didn't know at first whether it was the plastic surgeon or their camera morgue phoning.  They reported that Smiley could be saved, and that she was undergoing repair surgery as we spoke!
It was as if a miracle had just taken place! If you had seen Smiley before UPS rushed her to the camera hospital, and heard her death-tick-click-clunk, you would have thought she was a goner!
Tips 'n' Tales always Expects Miracles and as far as I and other camera buff friends where concerned, we had just experienced one!
Of course Smiley has the usual hospital fees for her short stay and surgery, but there is hope for her safe return home in a few days!

Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers during this difficult time while Smiley and I are separated. 
Often in life, when tragic things happen there is a rainbow just around the corner.  Be like Smiley, think in color.  Hopefully our near disaster has made you giggle!
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Photo by Brooke Chamberlain at©
Oh My! Much Better!
Brooke at Advance Camera's joyfully e-mailed this resurrected
photo of Smiley to bolster everyone's spirits after its Near Death Experience!


Cameras are like kittens and puppies; they need to be treated gently with love and care
Be cautious while holding them, as they can unexpectedly jump from your arms. 
When outside, keep them on a leash or shoulder strap. Always make sure your pet camera is safe and well fed with charged batteries.  Keep its lens and shutter clean. 
News FLASH! Most cameras don't do well around water. Unless you have a water camera, keep it well away from lakes and rivers because camera's can't swim very well.
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