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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Two Happy Dogs!
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Allie, 9 years old, taking a stroll with 2 year old Buck,
and six month old Angus, her Chihuahua puppies.



It is a modern world, things have changed, even in the doggy world!  Allie explains, "My Mom came home with a big brown box and inside was a red baby stroller."

I was confused because we do not have any little kids in our family.  Mom said, "This is for Buck and Angus."  I asked, "Why do puppies need a stroller?"

"Mom explained that puppies on walks are fast, run away and might get hurt."  She said, "Dogs love to go on walks, but the smaller ones get tired fast."  She put our puppies in the stroller and they were excited! 

The stroller is completely covered, so they cannot get away, and they can see through the mesh cover. That makes them happy.

I put their leashes, water dish and some water in the basket beneath them.  When I walk down the street people walk up to the stroller to look at our baby.  They smile when they see the puppies.

Our dog stroller is really fun.  We take the dogs to the park and around town.  They get out and walk for awhile, then they run back and jump into their comfy stroller."

Allie's mother, Eve, said, "I love walking the dogs with my children. People think we are  walking my baby.  I love hearing them laugh when they see dogs. To save gas, we leave the car at home, and walk the dogs on errands.  I put my cell phone and water bottle in the stroller. 

The stroller makes life easier for me and the dogs. There are many types of pet strollers on the market.  Check the Internet and pet stores for the one that suits your pet."



Allie adds, "Cats, dogs and bunnies can ride in a stroller.  It is safe and fun for your pets.  You can customize your stroller with extra things like yarn for cats; chew toys for your dogs and a soft blanket.  On hot days put a cold water bottle beside them to keep them cool."

Pet parents; Please use caution when using flea medications. Over the counter medications are not always vet approved. Dosages are different, and a misprint on a label can produce life threatening results.

NEVER use a dog product on a cat. Recently, kittens were rushed to a vet. clinic convulsing from flea medication poisoning. The flea medication was not purchased at a vet clinic.

Always, check with your veterinarian for safe products. Never use another pet's left over medicine. Medicines are often prescribed on the weight of a pet, and what is good for one, is not for another.

Janetta Overholser, President of Humane Society of Cottage Society reports, "Apparently there is a problem with the dog bell toy, Four Paws Pimple Ball. 

This is a very important lesson on monitoring our pets, while playing with toys, so the unexpected doesn't happen.

Info and photos of the potential injury

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