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Puppy Scamp's Destiny
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Destiny with Scampy, a mini Doxie
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Destiny with 8 week old Scamp, a Miniature Doxie.

Destiny says, "Scamp is smaller than our two cats, Ginger and Maryann. 
He thinks the cats are his friends, and wants to play with them!
Ginger always runs away from him, but Maryann is curious.
When we first got Scamp, Maryann pretended to ignore him. 
Then when he got close to her, she would bap him on the head, gently with her paw, and then she would run away. 
A few days later Scamp and Maryann began playing together like old friends!

Scamp is so cute when he runs.
His long ears make him look like Disney's Dumbo, trying to get off the ground, and fly.

Scamp never walks any where, he runs!
Scamp steals Daddy's work boots (which are three times bigger than Scamp) and he tries to hide them under the table, to chew on them.
When Scamp is dragging one of Daddy's big boots under the table, it is so funny, because it looks like the boot is sliding across the carpet all by itself!

Scamp and I love to practice on my balance beam, he's learning how to walk it by himself."

Destiny's mother, Diane, suggests, "In hot weather, always have water on hand for your puppy and kitten, as they dehydrate easily. 
When you have a puppy, the entire family has to be patient, during its training period. House breaking-training is constant, and hard work!

Also, train your family, to watch the floor when a puppy is around, because puppies are constantly at your feet! 

If you don't look down, you may injure the puppy, or get wet slippers from stepping into a puddle of puppy excitement! 
Watch out for pup-dles! 

Also, getting a puppy in the summer, when school is out, allows extra time for the family and puppy to bond.
With any new dog, it important to socialize and train them to walk on a leash.
Scamp likes to play with everyone, so like us, you may have to hang on tight!"

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