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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

Baby Sitting Boomer

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Shae babysitting her one year old Boston Bull Terrier,
Boomer, and Rio babysitting Shae.



There is nothing as special as childhood summer memories and a pet to add to them. Shae, 4 years old, and her baby sitter, Rio, 17 years old, treasure their time together with Boomer.

The young ladies enjoy walking, and Shae loves pushing her stroller with Boomer riding along. When Shae tires out, Rio takes over and pushes Shae and Boomer home.

Sherry, Shae's mother says, "We did a lot of research before adopting a dog. We researched the breeds for our pet companion. We wanted one with an excellent temperament, and a good family dog."

As it stands, Shae is an only child, and Boomer the only dog in the household. They are

best friends and do everything together. Sherry adds, "Boomer is so patient with Shae that he should be up for sainthood!"

Besides buggy rides, Boomer loves his little red wagon rides. Shae prepares him for them, dressed in his finest. His favorite outfit is her purple sweater.

Sherry laughs, "We have automatic sprinklers, and when they pop up, Boomer runs up to each one until they squirt him in the face, then he charges over to the next one. He does this none stop, until I carry him exhausted back into the house. We think his goal is to chase the sprinkles until he chases them back into the ground."

Shae proudly announces, "Boomer is a boy dog. And he had his surgery for no puppies. My favorite thing to do is cuddle, kiss and hug him. We get to sleep together for afternoon naps. Boomer is a good sleeper."



Sherry explains, "When we go for car rides, Boomer accidentally puts his paws on the armrest, and automatically lowers his window. So for his safety, we use the window's child-locks, to prevent him from jumping or falling out.

We had Boomer ID chipped in case he some how became lost. You never know when a pet might disappear, and like most families with pets, we could not take the devastation of losing him.  We also do not take him for walks when it is hot outside, this way his feet won't get burned on the hot pavement."


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