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  Pat with Chex and Angus
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Pat with Chex, a five year old Border Collie,
& Angus, a twelve years old Golden Retriever

With great passion, Pat says, "I have had dogs, from my earliest memory. I don't know how anyone can live without a dog, there is nothing like having a pet!"

Pat, and her son Al, currently have two dogs.  Angus MacPherson, born July 4th, rescued from Golden Bond Rescue, six years ago. 
And, Chex MacPherson, named because of his checker board fur pattern, and because he insists he is Angus's son.

Pat and Al love that Angus and Chex smile...and it is easy to see why.

Angus lounges on Pat's couch all day, with his personal fan blowing his fur, in the hot weather.

Chex is so smart! People can't spell around him, because he knows exactly what they are spelling. 
He is a typical intelligent Border Collie. Pat's car sports a license plate frame announcing, 'World's smartest dog,' and Chex is!

Chex loves to play ball, and will run, play, and chase them for hours.  So if you plan to visit Pat's home, come prepared to toss balls!

Chex will not go to bed, when there is a fly in the house. 
He goes nuts chasing it, until Al gets it out of the house.  Only then, can they all sleep.

Both dogs sleep in Pat's small bedroom. 

She admits, "It is hard to move around, but having them is worth it.  Their snoring doesn't bother me!

I don't know which is funnier, that we talk to our dogs...or that they talk back to us.

Because the dogs spoil us with love and laughter, we spoil them with birthday parties, and presents."

Pat suggests for hot days, "Keep your pets cool, by putting a cold wet towel on your pets' heads, or down on the floor for them to rest on. 
You can also, wet their ears and paws, to cool them off.  Lots of fresh water is a must on hot days.
Also, Pat says, "Our dogs have their own tooth brushes, and we brush their teeth once a day.  This aids both their health and beautiful smiles!"

Now that Angus is elderly, and has arthritis, it limits his play.  So Pat gives him glucosimine chondrotin and msm, and he is more spirited.
 Pat with Chex and Angus

Oregon Veterinary Medial Association suggests, "...don't forget to provide a shady spot for pets who live outdoors.

Watch for symptoms of heatstroke. 
Seek immediate treatment for your pet if it is exhibiting the symptoms of heatstroke: heavy panting, staring, an anxious expression, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, or collapse. 
Heatstroke is a serious and potentially fatal condition."

Pet Food Recall
In the past few days, the FDA has more Pet Food Recalls. 
Four Natural Balance dog foods were added.

Is your pet is having difficulty with its fur, skin, and health?  Often their skin is an indicator of what is happening internally.

Consult your Vet., and also check the brands of foods you are feeding them, with the FDA's pet food recall list. 

Mary Ellen, recently discovered that three of the brands she was feeding her cats, were on the list.

FDA list of pet food recalls: 
The current "Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs" recall, due to botulism,

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