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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings

3-Legged Dog

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Randy holding Fluffy, and Susie holding Simone,
along with their new 2 year old, 3-legged happy dog, Buster



Randy and Susie, owners of Apple Pie Antiques at 811 Main Street in Cottage Grove, see value in what others no longer can use or want.  They instinctively know when someone else will have a home for it -- and treasure it. They built their business on this concept.

This might also explain why they have a rare, unique and amazing three-legged dog, Buster!

Buster must have known their secret to success!  He was in a Humane Society foster home, and kept escaping and coming over to Randy and Susie's home.

Randy returned Buster to his foster home, only to have him show up again and again.  Buster easily captured Randy's heart, so Randy did the right thing. 

He walked Buster back to the foster home and informed them that Buster was now going to be his dog! And because Buster's coat is a beautiful brown, he was given the name Buster Brown.

You would think bringing an adult male dog into a home of several adult cats would be a challenge, but the cats and dog are the best of friends and love sunning in their yard together.

The most asked question of Randy and Susie is, "What happened to your dog's right-back leg?"  Answer: They have no clue!  He arrived into their lives that way.

And missing a leg does not stop Buster from doing everything a four-legged dog does.  He loves to run.  And he walks so normally, that at first, you do not realize he is missing a limb.

Randy and Buster love to play ball.  Randy tosses it, Buster leaps high into the air after the ball, and runs full speed ahead after the ball.  It is an amazing sight to see how able a three-legged dog is.

One day, during a ball-tossing session at the park, Randy saw a transient watching -- with his right hand at full military salute.  Confused, Randy asked if he could help?  The transient responded, "I am paying tribute to your dog's amazing abilities."

What kind of a dog is Buster?  Randy replies, "He has the perfect body structure of a Dalmatian, and has Chocolate Lab coloring.  We figure, instead of a lot of spots, he has one large chocolate spot  that covers his entire body!"

Susie invites everyone, "Come down to Apple Pie Antiques and meet Buster, he loves people!"


Susie laughs and admits, "We do not have any special tips for three-legged dogs.  Buster hops into the car naturally, runs, plays...everything appears normal.

When you are searching for the perfect pet, we would encourage others to consider a three-legged pet.  Buster is a joy."

Beautiful inspiring Internet video-story about a paraplegic ball-chasing dog:


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