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July 4th Josie!
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Josie in Cottage Grove Lake 
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Spencer, Jordon and JOSIE
enjoying Cottage Grove Lake 

A year ago, July 4th, Josie's life took a dramatic turn.
After the traditional night of fire works, she became frightened, disoriented and lost.

Neil and Karen discovered Josie, at a Humane Society Shelter, waiting for her family, that never came searching for her.

Karen says, "Deer were trampling through my flower garden, and we knew a dog would keep them away, so we went to the Animal Shelter...just to look.

Neil was walking slightly ahead of me, and when he saw Josie, he turned to me.
I saw his eyes light up. I had seen that look before. Love at first sight!
I walked over, looked at Josie, and also knew she was the dog for us."

Karen and Neil love how incredibly kind and sweet Josie is, plus she is wonderful protection, and keeps deer out of their garden.
Everyone loves Josie, and she can be seen, happily walking up the street, with her tail held high, to visit the neighbor's children, Grace and Luke, who do not have a pet.

Josie plays with the children, and enjoys their trampoline, then comes home for a nap.

Karen says, "When we return home, from town, Josie runs and picks up a gift for us.  It could be a rock, leaf, twig, anything she can find.
She just wants to please, and give us her love.
After Josie gives us the gift, she bark-chats with us, saying how happy she is to see us.
She is so happy, that she wiggles from the top of her head to the end of her tail.

When our Grandchildren, Jordon and Spencer, come for their summer visits, they and Josie  spend hours, swimming together in Cottage Grove Lake!"

Neil says, "We bought a Curry comb, like people use on their horses.  It looks like a curved band saw, with teeth, and it easily pulls weeds and burs out of Josie's fur. 
Also, when you run the comb through fur, it takes out the dead fur and cleans the coat. 
Josie loves being combed with it, and it keeps loose fur from floating around the house, which makes Karen happy."

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