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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Kandice and Baily strolling through town with Baby Mama and Goober.



Remember your summer memories?  Finally free of school, you could hardly wait to jump out of bed when you woke up, and run outside to play.  You created fun things to do, that even today, still uplift your spirit and make you smile when you think of them. 

Children all over Cottage Grove are continuing the tradition of making memories.  And what could top it all off, but to be famous in the local newspaper with your loved pets!

Baily, 10, and Kandice, 11, are girlfriends who spend days on end playing together.

Baily loves her bunny, Big Mama, and just bought Big Mama her very own 'pet', a baby guinea pig, Goober.  The two instantly bonded and in Baily's joy to show them off to the world, she and Kandice wheeled them downtown in Baily's old baby stroller.  Baily adopted both Big Mama and Goober from the Old Mill Farm Store.

Baily says, "I appreciate all the time that Debbie of Old Mill Farm Store, on River Road, took to teach me how to keep my pets healthy.  I have had Big Mama for a year.  She is a very sweet pet and her fur is super soft.  I put her in a little playpen outside, so she can run around and eat grass."

Kandice remarks on Baily's idea to walk her pets, "I thought she was really smart to think of walking them this way.  We did not have to buy them leashes, and we can watch them when we go walking.  They like the ride, and sit side by side, calmly together.  It is really cute."  For pedestrians who saw the young ladies, they also agreed, "Yes.  It is really cute!"



Baily suggests, "During hot weather we keep a frozen water bottle beside our rabbit and guinea pig so they do not get over-heated. Most people don't know that if you do not put hay or wood over their cage wire floor, their feet become bruised, blistered and painful. The wood needs to be large enough so that all four of their feet can rest on it at the same time. So we put hay on the floor of their cages for their comfort." 

Debbie, co-owner of Old Mill Farm Store, recommends, "No one wants to drink stale water out of a dirty glass, and your pets are no exception.  In the hot weather, it is imperative to give them fresh water in a clean bowl every day."


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