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It's Fur-Real! Cat Potty Training!

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Some cats instinctively use toilets! Not so with Boo. Together with his pet parent, Heather, he watched a computer video of cats "potty training".  Boo took the information to heart saving Heather time and money and creating a few laughs along the way! Instead of a newspaper to read in the bathroom, Boo has a photograph of himself to view as a reminder of his purr-pose! 


It's a dream come true for cat lovers!  Imagine a home where potty-paws are a thing of the past! No life-long kitty litter expense! No smelly litter! No box to clean!  Cats no longer walk in bacteria-filled boxes and then across your bed and counters!  No more litter dust settling in your home or lungs!  Each year, 662 pounds (300 kg) of kitty litter, per cat, arrives in landfills. Rather, in two months' time, with patience, you can teach your cats to use the toilet resulting in a cleaner home: environmental benefits; and a fun conversation topic!

"My daughter and I both have Burmese cats, Neko and Boo," said Heather, "The thought of a cat walking in his litter and then all over me is gross, so I was willing to experiment with a fresh idea. Which is why both our cats have gone through the toilet training and now use the human toilet. When visiting each other, the "kissing cousins"  have no problem adapting to each others' toilets.

Years ago, I tried a different company's training system, but the plastic crackled, and one seat fell into the toilet scaring my cat.  So, we purchased a stronger plastic Litter Kwitter kit and its' training video. Their product is made from the same hard plastic as firefighter's wild land helmets.

View cats in action!

I put the 30 minuted DVD in my computer and Boo and I sat watching it together!

Teaching Boo to use the toilet was so easy; I am sure any cat, of any age, can learn.  Also, cats that 'go' outdoors, particularly at night, live shorter, more hazardous lives.  Toilet training can lengthen their lives and shorten vet bills due to outside injuries."


Number 1
- a hard red plastic disk sits inside the toilet disk and is filled with flushable litter.
Number 2
- an amber disk, with a centered hole, has litter sprinkled around the edge. 
Stage 3
- a smaller green disk-rim has no litter added.
Stage 4
- success with no added feature on the toilet.

"After two months, Boo is at stage 3," confirms Heather.  "The final green rim fits inside the toilet seat for him to put his back feet on to balance more easily. 

When Boo started using the toilet his face had the funniest puzzled look after he relieved himself.  He'd turn around to bury what needed his attention and it was not there!  Flushing his "gifts" is easier, faster and cleaner than scooping from a litter pan!

When we took Neko and Boo to my mother's home we brought the toilet ring with us to help the cats adjust to using her toilet.  (We had a litter pan in the car for the trip.)

My granddaughter removed the ring (to use the toilet herself) and set it on the bathroom floor, but she forgot to put it back.  Boo's turn was next and he reasoned, "I guess they want me to go here."  He left us a present right in the middle of the ring on the bathroom floor.  Ooops!" laughs Heather. "Another tip is to always leave the toilet seat UP when training your cat. It avoids confusion for a cat that "has to go!"

"When I drove over to photograph Boo "educating" us on bathroom etiquette, he promptly jumped up on the toilet!" says Mary Ellen Angel Scribe. " My camera was poised for action. To Heather's mortification, Boo invented a new game!  He leaned into the toilet and drank his fill!  That is one thing about pets!  They are full of unpredictable surprises!"


Angel Scribe's cats are also undergoing potty training! We wait a week after each new step, prior to moving on to the next.  First we moved their litter box up onto two sturdy boxes (telephone books and ice chest also work) to get them accustomed to jumping up to a toilet.  Each day, we moved the raised litter box closer to the bathroom until it was next to the toilet.

One clever cat owner reasoned that since cats can't flush toilets, he installed an automatic flusher. The flusher activates after his cat jumps off the toilet.  His cat, curious of the flushing, kept jumping off and on the toilet for a game!  The man removed the flushing device, surmising that hand flushing was cheaper!

Ask your vet about probiotics to help restore pets' digestive systems if they are ill.

"It is time that landlords relaxed rules regarding pets," said Heather. "My search for a home was limited due to the "no pets" rule.  It is an established fact that people with pets live longer.  Potty -trained cats are an advantage to keeping a home cleaner.  Boo enriches my life and hopefully will promote good health and longevity during my retirement.
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