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Grandma's "Holiday-Dog" Hotel
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
When you go on holidays it can be stressful finding someone to trust with your much-loved family pet.  But when Grandma Maureen offers, everyone is excited, even Bugaboo her "granddog."

You hear that people look like their pets, but how about looking like Grandma instead?  Bugaboo (Buggy), a 2-year-old Wheaten Terrier belongs to Maureen's daughter and son-in-law, but his fur and Maureen's hair are the same riveting cut and color!  It is a smiley situation!

"The first time we dog-sat Buggy was when our daughter, Tammy, and her husband, Jody, went to Mexico for a week. (It turns out there are 11 days in their week!) Buggy was 3 months old and he resembled a furry-brown teddy bear vibrating with tons of energy.  He arrived for his vacation with Grandma and Grandpa with a large travel crate filled with his toys, food, blankets, towels, water bowl and leash.  The last item they hauled into our house was a carpet cleaning machine!  We  inquired, "Why did you bring that?"

'You'll see', came the fateful response.  And of course, we did see, within moments of their departure!  But spite ending up with the cleanest carpets in the neighborhood, we thoroughly enjoyed our "week" with our new granddog."

The advice given to "Get a pet!" is true; they introduce you to everyone!  When Maureen took Buggy out every two hours, for a walk, "He pranced and sniffed his way along the streets," she said.  "We stopped frequently for other walkers to ooh, aah and pat the cuddly teddy bear.  We ran into neighbors we never knew existed.

At home, lively as ever, Buggy would leap from all fours straight up onto anyone daring to sit on the sofa.  A quiet read of the newspaper resulted in glasses flying and the paper in shreds, but his affectionate snuggling more than made up for the loss of the news.

After returning Buggy to his parents, our home returned to it's normal "before Buggy" tidy-clean, but we sorely missed the special little ball of fluff who brought such joy into it.

Luckily for us, our home is always available for overnights and long stays. Buggy is now 2 years old and very well behaved (with no need of the carpet cleaning machine).  We always look forward to our visits with this delightful ball of champagne-colored fluff."

Not many dogs are named Bugaboo.  "His "father" is a Boy Scout leader who loves camping, especially in snow and mountains. The Bugaboo mountain range in British Columbia is known for its challenging ski runs. (Keeping with tradition, the Olympics, and skiing, if they get a new dog maybe her name will be Peek-a-Boo?)

We have a seven year old "human" grandson, Aaron, a "cousin" to Bugaboo, who also enjoys staying overnight at our home.  He loves grooming Buggy, takes him for walks, feeds him and spends most of his time burying his face in Buggy's soft long fur.  Buggy is amenable to all of his attentions.

One visit, our grandson wanted to know what a dog's life was like so he climbed into Buggy's green and cream travel crate, curled up on Buggy's clean blankets and took a nap.  When he awoke, he sat in front of the crate on his haunches, beside Buggy, and lapped up water from his very own water dish next to Buggy's.

We enjoyed having two "dogs" but found our grandson, while equally cute and affectionate as Buggy, not nearly as furry," laughs Maureen. "Children and dogs are so much fun and create wonderful family memories!"


Prior to adding fertilizers, weed killers or parasiticides to your yard and garden read the label and follow your instincts to protect pets.  Search for pet friendly alternatives.  If a pot of boiling water will "cook" weeds and seeds, why use a herbicide?

Because pets walk "bare foot" across lawns, then lick their paws or eat the grass, it is vital you know what they are ingesting. "Some pets that already have allergies can experience a hypersensitivity to topical chemicals. Adverse reactions can mimic an anaphylactic reaction like vomiting, diarrhea, facial swelling, hair loss and labored breathing," said Elizabeth Maimon, DVM, MPH

Dr. Maimon also cautions against mulching agents as they, "often include recycled coffee grounds in their mulch. Coffee grounds contain methylxanthine, a stimulant found in caffeine, and dogs are highly sensitive to caffeine. If the mulch is ingested, they can experience gastrointestinal upset and elevated heart and respiratory rates. Be sure to ask what ingredients are actually in your mulch before spreading it on your garden."

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