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Rattiki's New Life
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Cat Survives House Fire
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" 
Top: Cindy(Cat Toy), Tashawna(Rattiki), Harlan(Bella)
Bottom: Jake(Jaya), Donny(Two Socks)

Mary Ellen writes, "A year and a half ago, on a cold morning walk, a fire truck roared by and stopped at the end of the street.
Standing alone, on the curb, was a young woman, in her pajamas and bare feet, watching her home go up in flames.

I watched as a fire fighter carried her black cat, from the smoke filled house, gently put it into a bright-yellow-plastic recycle bin. 

He handed the makeshift stretcher to a police officer, who rushed the cat to a vet clinic.

The young woman burst into tears, so I ran over and gave her a hug, and my pink gloves."

Here is the rest of the story by her mother, Cindy.....

"My daughter was home alone, when the house caught fire.
She carried out as many pets as she could, but Rattiki was hiding.

After the fire was out, we went to the vet clinic to see Rattiki. 

Our beautiful orange kitty, had changed colors!
He was black from the soot, and was having difficulty breathing. 

Rattiki is a loved member of our family, we want to say thank you, to all the firefighters, police, and vet who helped him. 

He is once again happy, healthy, and has returned to his beautiful cinnamon-orange, fur coat.

At first, after the fire, Rattiki was afraid to come into the house.
Now he is wandering around our home, doing things he didn't do before!

Rattiki recently learned to knock on the door, when he wants in.
He jumps against the door, and it sounds exactly like someone knocking!
When we open the door, he walks in, scolding us, if we took too long. 

Now, in the middle of the night, he jumps on the bed, and rattles the window blinds.
As soon as he sees that we are awake, he runs and sits by the back door, to go out.

When he wants love, if you ignore him, he jumps from something and lands on your shoulder.
He calmly sits there, perching on you, like a big orange parrot!  His twenty pounds, definitely gets your attention! 

When you are upset, Rattiki comes over and loves you.
He starts out with a normal  purr, then he speeds it up.
He purrs faster and faster.
Honestly, it sounds like he is going to burst, at any minute.

He also shows how much he loves and cares for you, by licking your hair, until it is his satisfaction.
If you try to get up, before he is done, he gently puts his claws in your scalp and holds you still!
Everybody in the family loves Rattiki, he makes us all laugh.
We are so happy he survived the fire."


Purchase or create an emergency pet window sticker, specifying how many and what kind of pets, are in your home. 
Your local Humane Society may sell them.

Place the signs, in several windows, because in a fire, you never know which windows will be engulfed in flames.

If you are not home during a fire, the fire department is then aware that animals are in the home.

Print off your own window and wallet cards off the internet.

Pet Food Recall

In the past few days, the FDA has more Pet Food Recalls.  Four Natural Balance dog foods were added.

Is your pet is having difficulty with its fur, skin, and health?  Often their skin is an indicator of what is happening internally.

Consult your Vet., and also check the brands of foods you are feeding them, with the FDA's pet food recall list. 

Mary Ellen, recently discovered that three of the brands she was feeding her cats, were on the list.

FDA list of pet food recalls:  
The current "Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs" recall, due to botulism,

 Pet Adoption info:

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