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Separate Newspaper Stories Lead
To a Miraculous Pet Reunion

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
After first Jay's, Kim's, and Charlie's, and later Bud's and Buddy's, stories appeared separately in Pet Tips 'n' Tales, a wonderful reunion resulted!


News Flash!  While interviewing Bud for his and Buddy's story (about Bud finding Buddy listed on the Sentinel's "Adopt-a-Pet" page upon the advice of his doctor to adopt a dog after his wife's death), I knew that "magic" was a-foot, er, a-paw because Bud mentioned that Buddy's nose is the "sniffing image" of a previously-featured Pet Tips' n' Tales dog, Charlie, (the "flower dog" who ran into the lake, vs. down the aisle, at a lakeside wedding ceremony.)

After Bud and Buddy's article appeared in The Sentinel, the arrival of an email from Kim and Jay who had moved to Cottage Grove from California, and who wanted to get their dog, Charlie together with Buddy for a doggy-play date practically had smoke attached to it!  Never in 5 years of writing Pet Tips 'n' Tales has anyone requested meeting a featured pet!
So, after the fact, it was not a surprising to learn that magic had transpired during their play date!

"We met with Bud and Buddy," said Kim, excitedly. "Our dogs immediately hit it off! The favorite sport for both of them is chasing a ball and they immersed themselves into it until their tongues were hanging out!

Bud and Jay were chit-chatting while I was tossing the ball, and  Bud mentioned that Buddy originally came from so-and-so in town. My jaw fell open and I exclaimed, "That's who we adopted Charlie from!"  Bud looked surprised. I told him, "Their dogs had two litters of puppies! One litter was a year before Charlie was born, so that makes our dogs 'brothers'!"  We were both stunned and happy to realize we were at a canine family reunion! It explains why we thought our dogs look so much alike; they are from the same parents. The three of us began laughing.  We were all thinking the same thing, 'Boy is this a story for Mary Ellen's pet column."'

Imagine Tips 'n' Tales being a vehicle for a happy family reunion and igniting a wonderful human friendship too!  What neither Bud, Jay or Kim knew is that weeks ago I sensed that something special was about to unfold for them!  Call it instinct or a premonition, but something wonderful was about to transpire.  What are the odds, in a city FULL of dogs and cats, where only one pet a week is featured in Pet Tips 'n' Tales, that I would have the chance to interview these two dogs' pet parents!

It is not just Bud and Kim that noticed the dogs' resemblance. "I took Buddy's and Bud's newspaper article to work and my co-workers asked me why Bud was in a news article with our dog Charlie!" explained Kim.  "Honestly, if you close your eyes and run your hands over each dog, you literally would not know which one you have your hands on! The brother-dogs are like news-copies of each other! Also, Buddy is following his younger brother's lead and becoming a therapy dog. You know what they say, 'Professions run in families.'" 

I joined Buddy and Charlie for their second play date at Cottage Grove lake.  Buddy, having come from foster care, hadn't previously been introduced to swimming so Charlie is the better swimmer.  "Buddy splashes so much that he looks like a wagon wheeler," laughs Bud.

What is extra-happy about this story is that after Bud's devastating experience of losing his wife, he now has a new family - related by dogs.


Buddy's adoption story
Charlie's flower dog story:

Janetta, who has been rescuing pets since a child says, "I and many folks use homeopathics on ourselves and our pets. I use Ledum for puncture wounds, Arnica for bruising, swelling, pain, stiffness, and Hypericum for nerve damage."


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