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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
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Kitten Motors into Hearts

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Three beautiful ladies at Books on Main,
Sue and Tracy with Motor



During Tracy's neighbor's move to another city, his kitten became scared, ran and hid.  The kitten was no where to be found, so Tracy promised to search for it, and place it in a loving home.

It took five days to find the kitten. Then Tracy had a new problem on her hands. She knew her mother would not welcome another kitten, no matter how cute it was, because they already have five cats!

As luck would have it, Tracy had to work that afternoon. She took the kitten with her, and  thought, "Maybe Sue will want another cat? She already has Rajah, but she is 18 years old, maybe she would like some company and share her cat-store duties. So, I took the kitten to the store, and Sue came out to the car to meet it."

Sue took one look at the kitten's sweet face, and Tracy knew that Sue was as hooked as she was.

Sue said, "It was a cold day, and I knew the kitten would be hungry, so we brought it into the warm store."

Sue was right, the kitten went directly to Rajah's food bowl, and then rewarded them by insisting to be petted and loved on.

Sue said, "The kitten purred none stop.  It sounded like a little MOTOR, so we decided that was her name."

Rajah was friendly to the new-tiny store helper.  It is a blessing that Motor came, as a few weeks later,  Rajah died peacefully in her sleep of old age. Motor's sweet spirit has helped ease the grief of the BOOKS ON MAIN customers and employees.

Motor has the purrfect personality to be a store greeter.  She comes running to her name, and personally welcomes each customer, making them feel loved.  She follows the customers around, interacting with them, and captivates them with her sparkling amber eyes.

Stop in and meet Sue's newest employee, Motor, at Books on Main, 319 East Main Street, for a pet and a purr.



One of the many things that separates dogs and cat is; Kittens and cats do not like being turned over and having their stomachs rubbed.  You may think it is a game, but not to a cat! Felines feel frightened and vulnerable.  They react in self defense, and use their claws and teeth to ward off the offender.

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe", did not tease her cats as kittens with this 'scary' game.  All her cats have their claws.

Mary Ellen says, "Most people, upon meeting my four Persians, assume the cats are declawed because they are so gentle.  The trick is to make your cats feel loved, and not vulnerable as kittens, this way they become kind and gentle adult cats.

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