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Bandit Stole Their Hearts!

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Aimee and her 9 year old  Boston Terrier, Bandit,
visit Sue at Coast Fork Nursing Center.



 Imagine you are almost 100 years old.  How many of your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors will still be alive?

Sue is 97 years old, and has lived on the same apartment floor as Aimee and her dog, Bandit, for eight years.  When Aimee and Bandit leave for their daily walks, they always stop at Sue's apartment for treats, known affectionately as "loves."

This year, when Sue broke her hip she was admitted to Coast Fork Nursing Center.  Not knowing anyone, and confined to a wheel chair Sue says, "Aimee and Bandit's visits mean everything to me.  Without them in my life, it would mean nothing.  They make my day and give me something happy to look forward to!"

For Saturday morning cartoon buffs, Bandit's name originated from the dog on the Johnny Quest TV show.

Kerrie, Activity Director at Coast Fork, says, "On rainy days Bandit arrives dressed in his Harley Davidson rain slicker."  Kerrie laughs, "He thinks he looks so tuff in it."

Bandit performs tricks for Sue, making her smile and giggle.  With one paw, he 'High-5's' Aimee, and dances in circles for treats.  When Aimee points her finger and says, "Bang" Bandit immediately drops down and dies on the spot... with one eye open...waiting for his treat!

Bandit has no idea that he is the 'treat' in so many peoples lives, he brings them sweetness, joy, and humor.



Aimee says, "Short haired dogs like Bandit do not have a fat layer to keep them warm.  So on cold days, if I am cold, then I know Bandit is also cold.  He has coats and sweaters to match the season.  I do not walk him on hot pavement either. If the pavement is too hot for my bare feet, then it is too hot for his."

Tips 'n' Tales reader Suzan, in Tualatin, Oregon, writes, "After grooming our pets we often have a pile of fur.  Don't throw out the fur!  Instead, place it in the yard for the birds, who use it to carefully insulate their eggs, encasing each one.
One day, as I watched our Husky sleeping peacefully on the back porch step, two tiny House Sparrows, ever so gently tugged at his fur and flew off with it! 
Thereafter, after brushing him, I put his fur out for the birds.  By days end, the little birds always take it all back to their nests, the ultimate in recycling!"


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