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Bill's Smiling Angel
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bill and Angel love making people smile and showing off their red African Kufis. Angel is a 5-year-old Pomeranian rescue, from a breeder's project gone wild, that left 123 dogs desperately seeking homes.

 "A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up."
- John Andrew Holmes, Jr.  -
Lucky Bill! He was born in beautiful Monterey, California!  His father was a career military man at Fort Ord, and his mother worked in Cannery Row, made famous by author John Steinbeck's book and movie "Cannery Row".

Bill began his education as an American "Army brat" in a Paris, France kindergarten.  He quickly learned to speak fluent French.  His father's military orders moved the family often, and Bill finished his schooling in Tacoma, Washington, with a college degree in Sociology. During those years, because of the constant shuffling from post to post, his parents opted not to have any pets.

For 30 years, Bill has worked at a juvenile maximum security institution where incarcerated teens who are convicted of felonies are held.  He loves the work and the challenges it presents.  He counsels the felons and has a wonderful rapport with them.  He is firm, fair, and well respected.  Bill never raises his voice, and his gentle and calm demeanor contribute to the good feelings and positive behavior of the teens.  His goal is to teach the teens skills that will assist them to not re-offend.

Bill has love for all of God's creation, and to say that Bill's love for humanity spills over into the animal kingdom, is an understatement.

Since his pet-free childhood, Bill has remedied the pet situation in his life!  Bill and his wife, Pat, love animals. They have rescued many, and their home is full of the thundering pitter-patter of 56 paws.  (All their cats and dogs are neutered or spayed.  Whoopee!)

In 2003, Pat announced, "I'd like to have a little Pomeranian."  Bill flashed his joyful infectious smile at her while firmly shaking his head "No."

Shortly after, Mary Ellen's Angel Scribe, an on-line E-newsletter, announced that an out-of-state Pomeranian breeder was being forced to close down and 123 dogs needed homes.

It was Christmas time and hearts were wide open for love and miracles.  Soon all the dogs were adopted: old ones, young ones, and puppies. 

Pat and Bill joined the long list of excited new pet parents awaiting the arrival of their puppies.  Before Bill could say "No" again, they stood in an airport holding a newly delivered male, Misha. For an added bonus, Angel, a sweet little female, who also needed a home, arrived on the same flight.

Bill and Pat were one of the lucky sets of pet parents -- a few who received female Pomeranians were surprised when their dogs unexpectedly delivered pups a few weeks later.

To pick up the puppies, Pat suggested taking the truck, but Bill insisted on driving the Lincoln Town Car.  He wanted to bring "his" dogs home in style!

It was love at first bark.  Angel is definitely "Daddy's little girl."  When Bill arrives home from work, Angel, who stands 7 inches tall, rushes to greet all 6'1" of him.  He bends over and gently picks her up.  She rolls over onto her back, in the crook of his arm, with her four little feet sticking straight up.  Angel, with the most adoring little face, looks up into Bills' face.  It is obvious, she loves "her Daddy."

Bill winds down from the stresses of work by gently rubbing her soft tummy, petting Angel's  sweet face, and smoothing Angel's soft honey-colored fur.  Angel sighs with joy, smiles, and drifts off to sleep.  For fun, Bill puts different little hats on Angel.  Their matching red "Beanies" are African Kufis.

"This is the only female in my husband's life of whom I am jealous," laughs Pat,  "When I'm around, it is a threesome!  The dogs enjoy riding in our convertible car, so to protect their eyes we bought them little tinted goggles/sunglasses.  The dogs also wear their red caps and everyone smiles and waves at us.

Lately, Angel has taken to sleeping above Bill's head on her own pillow.  Bill says, "I don't mind, but you know...Angel snores!"

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bill holding his little Angel and Pat is holding Misha


Have you considered what magical ingredient in flea products kills the fleas?  It is an insecticide! The fleas die when they bite and consume your pet's blood.  Ponder what this insecticide does to your pet's liver and kidneys.

Recently the ASPCA website and KVAL TV station cautioned pet guardians about flea products.  "The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which regulates topical pet treatments, says the number of reported incidents from spot-on flea and tick treatments increased more than 50% in 2008. As a result of the increase, the EPA announced last month that it's evaluating all spot-on products."

"More than 44,000 potential toxic incidents associated with spot-on products were reported to the agency in 2008," reports Dr. Jean Hofve DVM, a Holistic veterinarian and author of What Cats Should Eat.

Angel Scribe's cats diet was changed to the suggested foods in Dr. Hofve's article "What Cats Should Eat."   Now her cats no longer are covered in fleas, and their health has dramatically improved.  Discover more articles on feline health, nutrition and behavior on Dr. Hoves' website
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