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UPscale Dining For Pets!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Cottage Grove's famous swimming cats Whyspurr, Miss Wings, Myster E. and Nymbus have Upscaled their dining! Proven studies have shown that using elevated feeders is healthier for your pets. Added benefits of elevated "whining and dining" include a tidier home and fewer human missteps into pet food and water bowls.

Elevated feeders of varying heights, shapes and sizes, and made of wrought iron, plastic, ceramic, and many types of wood ranging from mahogany to bamboo, are readily found on line and in pet stores. All, models include removal bowls and some even come with a built-in pet food storage drawer. You can buy or build an elevated feeder to suit your and your pet's individual tastes and match your home's decor!  

"Why," you might ask, "has UPscale 'whining and dining' become so popular?" One reason is that proven studies show that floor-level dining posture results in back and neck strain. Put yourself in your pet's place by getting down onto "all fours" in front of your floor-level bowl to eat or to get a drink of water. Is your stomach "crunched" into an awkward position, and/or are you straining to reach the bowls? We noticed that our cats were reduced to sucking the food into their mouths, then gulping both the food and extra air down their throats which made them prone to vomiting.
Another reason that UPscale dining is gaining in popularity is because cats' antennae, i.e., their sensitive whiskers which aid them in surroundings information-gathering, can become bent during floor-level dining, leaving them feeling uncomfortable. When given the choice between UPscale or floor-level dining, our cats always choose UPscale. And, elevated feeders are a blessing for both arthritic pets and their people because neither has to bend over as much to eat/fill the bowls, thereby relieving and/or preventing excess pressure on joints and spines. 
Meow-Meal Trays built by Mr. Angelscribe

For our cats' UPscale dining pleasure, Mr.AngelScribe combed the internet for elevated feeder ideas before deciding to build two sets out of wood. He painted the feeders to purr-fectly match our home's decor, then placed Corningware bowls into them. The cats prefer Corningware bowls over deep metal bowls, and the bowls fit easily into the dishwasher. As the bowls are now UPscale, Mr. AngelScribe and I are less prone to kicking them across the floor like stray hockey pucks.

Another Persian cat owner loves the elevated feeders: Atira, a Pet Tips 'n' Tales reader in Seattle, decided to also invest in UPscale dining for her cats. "Before, my cats would sCATter their dry kibble in a fan-type pattern across the floor. Now, no more muss or fuss; more sanitary and less time spent in cleaning up. My Persian cats are now able to dine without having to put their entire faces into the bowls, and when they drink, the water isn't sucked up into their noses. I've noticed less drooling and dribbling down their fronts, too."

Dave built an UPscale diner for his Great Danes.
"After one of our three Great Danes suffered from a "flipped stomach" due to floor-level dining, I built elevated feeders for all of them. They are not fancy, but they "serve" the purpose!

The dogs are deep-chested and I read that elevated feeders help prevent stomach flipping which can lead to bloat, and emergency surgery to correct it," says Dave. "Our dogs used to 'inhale' their food which made them sluggish, gassy and sometimes, vomit. However, UPscale dining reduces strain on the dogs' digestive systems. So, I built a two-foot high dog feeder to match the height of my dogs' stomach levels; it also holds a five-quart water bowl. The elevated feeder, combined with no running/playing for at least an hour after meals has virtually eliminated their previous postdigestion problems."

Before building or ordering an elevated feeder, do your homework to find what height feeder is best for your pet. In addition to adding a touch of "elegance to your kitchen, your pets look so cute while dining UPscale.


-Caution! Slug bait contains the toxin Methaldehyde which can cause seizures and/or death. If a pet ingests it while licking a "contaminated" paw, IMMEDIATE veterinary treatment is required! Some baits contain bran or molasses also, making the bait more "attractive" to pets.

Symptoms of toxicity: anxiety; increased heart rate; excessive panting and/or salivation; vomiting; diarrhea; tremors.

"Think twice" before using slug bait and be aware that your neighbors may be using it. Decrease pet exposure to slug bait by putting it into empty soda pop cans. 

ASPCA Poison Control: Pet Poison Hot Line: A $65 consultation fee may be applied to your credit card. (888) 426-4435.

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