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The Pet Psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick, suffered from auditory hearing loss as a child. As a result, her gift of clairaudience developed and she was able to "hear" her pets thoughts. In the photo, Sonya holds Holly while Moonbean looks on.


Sonya Fitzpatrick is a world-renowned and respected animal communicator, author and speaker. Her popularity soared when "Animal Planet" featured her TV program, "The Pet Psychic" for two seasons. She shares her pet wisdom in a rare two part interview!

Psychic ability is often multigenerational, and Sonya's family is no exception. "My grandmother was psychic and when I was a little girl, she helped me to understand my 'gift'. Now, I help my nine-year-old granddaughter, who also has this 'gift'.

Strolling down country lanes in the English village of her childhood, Sonya often led a "Pied Piper" parade of her three beloved geese, her dog, and numerous village animals. Who knew this little girl's future would CAT-apolt her into an internationally recognized pet communicator, TV and radio star with millions of loyal followers?!  

Sonya is a vegetarian and animal "rescuer". She currently has seven cats, four dogs, a horse, and three frogs. "I have found that animals are much nicer to live with than people," admits Sonya. And she isn't alone in this regard. "Many of us like our pets better than our family members and we consider our pets 'children in fur coats.' Studies reveal that  60% of people with pets  sleep with them. Many pets outlive their owners' marriages, and some people grieve more after a pet's death than a relative's", she adds.
"Pets' purr-sonalities are as diverse as humans'," said Sonya. "Pets improve the quality of life in nursing homes, and are great "therapists" for rehabilitating prisoners and others with "socialization" problems/issues. They are wonderful companions to the chronically ill who might otherwise become isolated, disabled or unable to communicate. Service animals are well recognized for the help they provide. We humans are much better off with pets in our lives, than without.

Pets' unconditional love and emotional support make them invaluable to us. We as humans should emulate them. Just being in a pet's presence brings joy, happiness, and laughter. When we feel love, our entire bodies--inside and out--relax, promoting  healing and lowering blood pressure. Stroking/touching our pets is therapeutic in and of itself, while their loyalty and affection is a form of healing energy.

The animals don't judge and they taught me about kindness and love and I borrow their "wisdom" for use in raising human consciousness to the level of the animals. Humans need to understand that animals use language, they have feelings and emotions, experience happiness and sadness. Some animals even cry when they're sad. Animals are as aware of their surroundings as you or I, and they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect."
Sonya is the author of two books on animal communication and behavior, The Pet Psychic: What the Animals Tell Me, and Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating With Your Cat. These books are wonderful learning tools for use with your own pets. The books are  available and Kindle.
Sonya hosts "Animal Intuition" on SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel 102, Tuesdays from 4pm - 6pm PT. While she is on the air, the station receives 60,000 listener calls, but Sonya only has time for 20 readings per show. "Some listeners mention that they tried phoning in for six months to a year- before getting through", said Sonya.
Sonya has no plans to retire anytime soon! She stays young by continuing to give lectures and readings, hold seminars, and contribute to animal shelters, her main passion. Recently, she made a guest appearance on The Little Couple to chat with the hosts' two dogs. She has also appeared on The Tori Spelling and Ellen DeGeneres TV shows. Her grandmother would be so proud of what her young pupil has grown up to accomplish an behalf of the animals! 
Read Part II:
Sonya Fitzpatrick teaches  how to communicate with our pets. 


"Because pets are closer to floor level than we are, keep in mind that, through inhalation, they can be particularly affected by many of the household chemical products we use: Pesticides, floor cleaning products, fly sprays, bleaches," said Sonya. "Pet lovers need to be vigilant about using safer products around their homes and gardens," cautions Sonya.  "I clean with vinegar and water, use Murphy's Soap on my wooden floors, and use a steamer elsewhere."

"When you see lost or abandoned animals, go out of your way to help them," said Sonya.  "If you are unable to keep an animals, find it a good home.  Don't support organizations that profit from animal exploitation and don't buy products from manufacturers who test their products on animals."

Readers, please join me in emailing "Animal Planet" to request the return of Sonya Fitzpatrick's The Pet Psychic show. Tell them how much you miss all of the wonderful wisdom she imparts and that you'll happily wag your tail in appreciation once she's back on the air!  Click on #32
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