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Groban finds a home
 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Harvey & Kerry with Their Therapy Dogs;
Karma, Kato and Groban

Harvey and Kerry, own and operate two adult foster homes, and in 22 years of marriage, they have given homes to seven rescue dogs.

They house, nine foster residents who are charmed by their three well behaved rescue dogs, Kato, Groban and Karma.  Dogs are good therapy on a bad day!

Kerry was a director for the Humane Society in Bend for eight years, and says, "During that time, we fostered many dogs, and found homes for them with friends. Well, until people started to run, when they saw me coming, with yet, another dog."
"When will people do the right thing, and neuter and spay?  It would take care of the pet over population, and suffering immediately."

Everyone loves Kato, a twelve year old Pit Bull/Akita mix. He was at a Vet clinic for three months, and a friend thought Kato would work well in their home. She was right!

One of their two Terriers, Groban, was named after Kerry's favorite singer, Josh Groban.  Harvey says, "Groban was discovered and rescued during a winter storm. 
He had no shelter, and was tied to a fence, 24 hours a day. He was skinny, wet, cold, and terrified."

Kerry admits, "Groban is so cute, he looks like a little monkey.  He sleeps with us, and the change in his personality, from fear to confidence, renews every one's spirit."

Their third dog, three year old Karma, has a black eye, reminiscent of "Petey" of The Little Rascals.  Harvey says, "Karma is from a pet rescue, and it was love at first sight. Talk about good karma!"

Kerry says, "Our dogs think this is a feudal system, and we are their servants! We call our car, 'The Dogmobile.'"

Watch for Harvey around town, on his bright red bicycle-scooter, with Karma running along side.  Harvey loves the exercise as much as Karma!

Neutering and Spaying, helps protect pets from cancer.  The constant surge of hormones, is documented as causing cancer.  This is true of pet rabbits, as well.  Altering a pet makes them a healthier, and friendlier pet.
Also, if you are searching for a specific breed of pet, most humane societies and rescues, are now listing their 'eager to find homes for' innocent inmates on

Does your cat's scratching post look like a wild dragon attacked it, and shreds of carpet are left blowing in the wind?
Carry the post outside, blow it off with your leaf blower, or an air compressor. Cut the loose fibers, wash with Oxyclean, rinse with a hose, and then dry with the leaf blower. This speed dries the scratching post, fluffs up the carpeting, so it looks new and fresh. 
Also, Harvey says he uses his leaf blower, instead of a vacuum, to clean his 30 seconds!

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