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Cookie's a Funny Dog!

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Randy's and Cookie's life together is like two peas in a crazy pod!


Randy had a serious problem and it happened without warning! "When my landlord's daughter graduated, he presented her with the beautiful cottage that my dog, Cookie and I had rented from him for five years. We had to find a place to live, and fast," said Randy. "But who would take a renter with a deaf Springer Spaniel?"
Countless ads on community bulletin boards yielded no results. "That weekend, I was going to a large community picnic with a hundred people in attendance.  I developed an ingenious plan to ask as many people as possible if they knew of a place to rent.
Since there was no way I could talk to everyone, I taped a piece of copy paper across the front of my T-shirt that read:
Rental Home Needed August 1st.
Inquire within!"
"Eventually, a lady approached and said, "I have a room for rent." I replied, "Well, I have a dog." She said, "I love dogs." And that is how Cookie and I found our new home.
"Cookie and I had fun on Halloween, we walked through our neighborhood and I asked people, 'Do you like my cat's costume?' They always laughed in reply."
"Another time, I accidentally jabbed my right thumb with a rose thorn. At the same time, Cookie hobbled over with a fox tail stuck in her right paw. Then, Cookie got an ear infection, and so did I. Another time, it was a bladder infection...same thing. It was obvious! I was "co-dog-pendant" because Cookie and I had the same issues over and over again!"
"One day, I took Cookie for a qualifying interview to work as a therapy dog. I was sitting at the desk of a lady who determined a dog's temperament.  Cookie was relaxing on the carpet behind me."
"Proudly, I proclaimed all of Cookie's wonderful merits in order to convince the lady 'with the power' to qualify Cookie. I knew that she would be a perfect dog for their program with elderly people in convalescent homes. I was sharing Cookie's long list of attributes on how gentle she was, how sweet she is, how she doesn't bark or bite, and how kind she is to people, cats, ducks, etc."
But then something "nightmarish happened; I felt like I was in one of those dreams you hope never happens! The woman lifted her arm, pointed behind me, and calmly stated, "Your dog is peeing on our carpet."
Albeit I was mortified, but regardless, replied, "But doesn't that happen at convalescent homes all the time, anyway?"
She replied, "Okay. You're in!" (Or did she really mean, "urine?")
"Actually, Cookie had scratched her paw on the door the woman's office when we'd first entered. I'd assumed that Cookie wanted to visit the people in the reception area.
But Cookie was trying to tell me that she needed to go to the bathroom. Cookie had never had an "accident" until that moment because I had misread her cue."
"A few months later, when we were at a convalescent home, Cookie bonded with Jean, one of the residents. A stroke had left Jean partially paralyzed and unable to speak."

"Jean loved dogs and giving Cookie dog treats. Cookie gently leapt up onto the side of Jean's wheelchair for a kiss and a treat."
"On one visit, Jean became very frustrated as she tried without success to formulate words. Her mouth and brain simply wouldn't cooperate with each other and she was visibly upset because she could not communicate her thoughts. In a flash, I turned her frustration around by saying, "Jean, you can't speak, but Cookie is deaf and she can't hear. You two are a perfect match."
"Jean laughed and laughed. It was a perfect moment!" said Randy as she laughed at the memory.
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe's" long time friend, Randy Peyser, author of "Crappy to Happy," at had her book featured in a bookstore scene in Julia Robert's movie, "Eat, Pray, Love".


"Pill Pockets from pet and feed stores are a godsend for anyone who cares for house cats, feral cats, or dogs who don't like to take pills," says Randy. "Pill Pockets are teeny gooey "barrels." You put a pill inside and pinch the end shut. Cats gobble them up. Don't pinch them closed with the hand that touches the pill. You don't want the pill's scent on the Pill Pocket."
"No fuss, no mess, and no putting the cat in one of those kitty burrito blankets.  I had to give my indoor cats antibiotics for a month, and the Pill Pockets made it easy. I used the Pill Pockets to deworm the feral cats. It worked like a breeze!"
"When I give our cats homeopathic pills (or liquid antibiotics) I dissolve the homeopathic pills in a teeny bit of water in an egg cup. Then I open a can of tuna that's in water and pour a dash of the tuna water into the mixture with the dissolved homeopathics. Next, I pour the liquid onto a plastic lid for them to drink from," adds Randy.
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