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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Molly and her 8 week old, Deer Chihuahua, Jetta
taking a cuddle break at Coast Fork Nursing Center



There is nothing like an adorable new puppy to put a smile on everyone's face.  And that is exactly what Jetta was hired to do! 

Molly, a nurse and Resident Care Manager for Coast Fork Nursing Center, saw Jetta's potential to do the job well of lifting hearts, and immediately hired Jetta based on her sweet personality.  Age was not a detriment, her puppy eyes sealed the deal.

Seen above, is Jetta on her first day at work, shining her magic on staff and residents alike.

Imagine a dog smaller than your toothbrush!  Jetta's favorite toy is a toothbrush, and one lies in her bed, beside Molly's office desk.  When Jetta falls asleep next to the tooth brush, it seems like an odd combination, and you know that caring for a tiny breed dog has a few different techniques than raising larger breeds.

Jetta is the size of Thumbalina, she lives in the world of giants. Molly has learned to adapt her home to her tiny dogs needs.  To help Jetta negotiate the doggy-door Molly added a set of small  steps. To avert disaster, Molly removed the tassels that hung off the edge of a lamp's tablecloth, so that Jetta would not jump up, grab them and pull the lamp over onto herself.

Molly says, "Today at work, Jetta made everyone smile.  She is a positive addition to our staff.  Jetta offers our residents an activity, because she is great for touch therapy,  helps stimulate conversations and helps residents forget their physical limitations and current problems.  Jetta is just what the doctor ordered for lifting spirits."

Kerrie, Coast Fork Nursing Center beloved Activity Director, adds, "Having dogs at Coast Fork offers a wonderful home like atmosphere.  The pets help calm staff and residents.  And when people see our staff caring for pets, they know that their loved ones, will also receive the same gentle treatment."


Ann, a Tips 'n' Tales reader from London, Ontario, Canada writes, "Our 10 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever, Sherlock, was limping, exhibiting signs of a hip disorder common in his breed.  He never complained or whined and still looked forward to walks. 

Often Labs are euthanized because of this condition; it  can deteriorate rapidly, surgery cannot correct the problem and veterinarian drug therapy is not always affordable for their guardians.

Two weeks ago, we supplemented his food with Glucosopet which helps with tissue reconnection and strengthening between the joints; arnica for joint inflammation and Traumeel for any pain he might be experiencing.  I am not a patient person, and by the end of week one, I thought we had wasted money. 

At the end of week two, Sherlock came running when called, without his usual "limping run" where one foot touches the ground after all the others. It was heartening indeed. 

Now in week three, the limp is completely gone, he is as perky as a puppy.  We booked him for his annual vet visit and a chiropractic adjustment. 

We are confident that Sherlock will be with us for many more years, and this combination of herbal help will give us time to find other natural nutrients to prolong a comfortable life.  Sherlock has a  profound spirit, is dedicated to our family, and believes we are his calling in life.  Each dog is an individual, as we are, check with your veterinarian before considering any remedies, and follow your instinct.

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Nymbus, the cutest Kitty in the World

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