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"Reigning"  Dogs with Sir Humphrey

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
It's "reigning" cats and dogs! Peter huddles under his wide black umbrella while Sir Humphrey, a Shih-Tzu-Pekinese cross, wears his finest rain duds. Sir Humphrey is not just under the umbrella, he is also "under protest"!


Poor Sir Humphrey who has led a life of revolving emotional doors! After his first owner died, he was adopted by someone else who subsequently passed away when he was 3 years old. He then ended up in a foster home, with a friend of Peter's and his wife, Anne. 

Their friend said, "It is no wonder that Humphrey has separation/attachment anxiety! Dogs are smart, emotional, have feelings, and they grieve the loss of a loved one."  A few weeks later when Peter and Anne went to visit their friend, they met and fell in love with his little royal highness Sir Humphrey!

"He was adorable," said Anne. "We took him home "on probation" to see if he liked us and it is now 4 years later and he is still here!"

"As much love as we showed the dog, when we take him with us on vacation to our friends', he mopes and won't eat," says Anne.  "He must think we are going to leave him there! When we arrive back home  and walk in the door he races under and over the chairs and then devours as much food as he can hold. He is stressed the entire time we are away and he just loves getting back home to familiar territory."

Like any foster child or pet, Humphrey's favorite place is "HOME."  He understands the value of a home. 

Last spring it rained cats and dogs, so Anne bought Humphrey a bright red rain coat with yellow florescent safety stripes like on a fire fighter's jacket. "Humphrey objects to wearing "human" clothes even if they are made for dogs!" said Anne.

"Humphrey does not like walking in the rain, and more than that, he does not like having his raincoat put on.  We have to tempt him with cookies and treats to make him stand still while we dress him. His coat serves two purposes: it keeps him drier and stops him from shivering when wet. The coat and his leash are both reflective and illuminate for safety in the dark.

"Originally, Humphrey was named Sir Humphrey from a previous owner.  We shortened his name because it seemed preposterous summoning a dog with a Sir name while out walking!

Humphrey loves people and more so, people who talk to him.  He stops and stares at them until they talk to him and pat him.  Only then is he satisfied to continue walking on."

Of course his little royal highness sleeps on the bed with Anne and Peter. "He tries to sleep in between us, but we are "constantly" delegating him to the end of the bed.  During the night, Humphrey slowly tries to wiggle his way back up to our pillows.  When I get up to use the bathroom, Humphrey moves into my spot!" admits Anne.

"For a small dog Humphrey has a large presence! When we are out walking, people know him by name, but not us.  They refer to us as Humphrey's parents!

Humphrey has two red raincoats, one for winter and one for spring rains. The winter one has a flannel lining to help keep him warm. He should count his blessings.  He may not like the rain gear, but he is lucky we did not buy him the matching rubber rain boots!" laughs Anne.


A wet pet? Micro fiber cloths absorb more than their weight in water.  The cloths dry pets in record time.  Use the cloths at the beach, on a rainy day, or after a pet shampooing.

Is your bird feeder so low that cats consider it their bird restaurant?  Purchase a long length of lightweight 6" wide PVC pipe.  Pound the pipe several feet into the ground, pour cement down the pipe, and mount the bird feeder on top.  Besides protecting your birds, the PVC won't rust or rot in the rainy season.

Tired? And tired of closing the bedroom door for a nap, only to be awakened from a deep sleep by a pet scratching or loudly vocalizing to be let into or out of the room?  Simply install a pet door in the bedroom wall or door. Now your pets are free to come and go and you can get your rest.

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