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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Cottage Grove Sentinel's Publisher, Amy Callahan,
and her new office assistant,
Miss Cookie Clementine

Cottage Grove Sentinel's Publisher, Amy's new assistant has been sleeping on the job!

Walking into Amy's office you will find Cookie, curled up, in a tiny box, on the third level of the book case.

Just close enough, for Amy to reach out a reassuring hand, to her new puppy.

Luckily, Cookie has the same office hours as Amy, so every day, they go to work together!

Amy, chose Cookie's name, "Because I always wanted to name a dog Cookie.

I like the way it sounds, especially when you say it fast. And, besides, she is so sweet!"

Not many dogs are lucky enough to have a second name.

Cookie's second name originated, because the day Amy adopted Cookie, the song, "Oh, My Darlin' Clementine" kept playing in her head.

Cookie is a Deer-Chihuahua, and Toy Poodle mix, resulting in long thin legs, and funny, wirey, hair on her back.

Amy says, "Her long eyebrows are so cute, they give her sweet face character."

At home, Cookie's best friend is Terr, a cat.

Like best buddies, they wrestle until exhausted, and love each other's company.

It is amazing how patient, and understanding, Terr is with the new puppy.
Amy says, "Cookie looks adorable, and comical, all at once. Her head is so tiny, that sometimes her lip gets caught in her teeth, and when she looks up at you, with one ear up and one ear down, she is a heart warmer."

When asked what Cookies favorite thing to do is, Amy responds, "She loves to nap in sunbeams."

Amy says, "With small dogs, you have to watch for them underfoot. 

Some people put a bell on their dog's collars, so they can hear exactly where they are. 

The benefit of a tiny dog, is Cookie  goes in and out the cat door by herself!

No day, is a good day, to leave your pet in the car, even cloudy days. 

Temperatures in a car soar faster and deadlier than you can imagine.

Even five minutes for a small dog, on a warm day, is dangerous, even with the windows down.

Please drop into the Sentinel's office, you are welcome to visit Cookie any time."

 Tips 4, JULY 4th
Keep pets indoors, on July 4th. Fireworks cause more pets to run away, than any other day of the year.

They are so terrified, and run so fast, they become lost, as the evening progresses.

There are calming, Homeopathic remedies for pets, for those who fear Lightning, Thunder and Fireworks at most Feed and Grain, and Health Stores carry them.

One Tips 'n' Tales reader, puts cotton balls in her dogs' ears, and keeps the dogs in the center of her home, away from any outside walls, where it is the quietest.

Stay with your pets, put them on a leash, when you let them outside, to use the backyard. 

This way they will not run off if fire works explode.

Do not leave them outside, or tied to a chain, they can still jump a fence and run. 

Make sure your pets are wearing identification, so if they do run, they can be swiftly returned to you.

More information by the Humane Society is posted on:

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