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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
Author & Columnist
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Seventeen year old Kodogo
Note the spot on her nose!



Amanda and Dave lived in the countryside when they rescued 1 year old Kodogo, when her guardian was moving.  Soon after, they moved into Eugene.

A month later, Kodogo went outside and did not come home, leaving the family devastated.

Amanda says, "We were frantic; we put up posters, filed lost cat claims at both Greenhill Humane Society and Lane County Pound.

We missed the countryside, so a few months later moved back; and we missed Kodogo, so we adopted two rescue kitties, Lightning and Rainbow.

Our family also decided to get a dog.  So months later, I had a strong urge to go to both the Pound and Greenhill, convinced that today was the day we would find a pup.

Our home is an hour's drive outside of Eugene, it was an unnecessary trip, but I felt compelled to make it.

My husband was reluctant to go, but before you knew it, we were driving into Eugene, following my intuition to 'try Greenhill first.'

Our four year old son and I went into the shelter, while my husband waited in the car with the baby. We walked through the dog area, and didn't connect with any of the furry orphans.

I still felt there was a reason we were there, but was confused when we didn't feel anything amongst the dogs. On our way out, we had to pass the cattery.

We already had 2 cats, but the feeling to go into the cat room was overwhelming, so following my instinct we went in.

Upon entering, a crazy-loud-insistent meowing came from a cage on the floor by our ankles.Then, a paw reached out to us.  The cat in the cage was frantically pacing in circles.  I bent down and looked into it.  Was it possible?  My heart nearly burst. KODOGO!

I called to the attendant, "Please get my cat out of this cage! I want to hold her! Look in your records, this is my cat!"

He found the card, I had filled out last year, describing the distinct grey dot on the right side of her nose.  Amazing, yes, but wait...there is more!

I had filled the card out exactly a year ago, today!

As I held Kodogo, she crawled up on my shoulders, and lay down.  It was her favorite spot when we walked in the woods or where she loved resting at night. 

We wondered where she had been, what she had done to survive and how she ended up at the Humane Society.

We learned that she was discovered tied up in a pillow case under a dumpster. Someone had tried to throw her away like garbage, and she had survived!

For the second time in her life, we adopted Kodogo and took her home. She was so happy! She licked us and meowed, it was obvious she was thrilled to have found us.

We love Kodogo, she is a big part of our family, and she has never left our sides again.  She rarely leaves the house and is spoiled more as she ages; always finding the warmest, softest spot in the house to nap.

Her meows are aged and frequent.  We give her extra love and know we will never have another kitty like her again. Her connection to us, and following my intuition teaches that the bond of love has a deep influence in our lives and borders on the miraculous."


If your pets have an ID chip, remember to update your new address, home and cell phone numbers in the company records, especially when you move! 

It is frustrating for the Humane Society to call the lost pet's owners and discover disconnected phone numbers. 

Also, it is frustrating for the pet guardian looking for their pet, and sad if the pet has to be euthanized all because the records were out dated. 

Under the circumstances, it is a miracle that Kodogo was found and rescued by Amanda.

Pet Peeve

People who do not neuter and spay their pets.  One walk through a humane pet shelter alerts thinking individuals to the furry facts of too many pets and their fate. 

Standing at the locked caged gates of frightened dogs and cats, crying to be released, you know many are about to be euthanized. 

Shockingly, not because they are a threat to society, but because there are no homes available for them. 

Humanely speaking, it is time to neuter and spay all pets.

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