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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Family Totem Pole.
Brogan, 3 years old, standing, and Lincoln, 1 years old, sitting,
with their best friend, Reese, a nine year old chocolate Labrador.


If everyone loved each other like Kris and Kristin's family love their dog, the world would be at peace. 

Kristin says, "Reese comes from a line of trained prize winning hunting dogs that are physically strong and excel in finding and tracking scents.

At the time we adopted him, we lived in Central Oregon and wanted an outdoor dog to enjoy hiking, biking, running and camping with us. 

Reese hiked behind Kris up Mt. Tumalo in very, very deep snow and has also ran behind Kris on his bike for thirty miles.  Reese's physical capabilities are amazing!

Reese is not a barker, so when he barks, we know he is alerting us, and always go and investigate.

Another reason we selected a Labrador was because we planned to have children and Labradors are known as family-friendly dogs. 

Reese wasn't too sure when the children began arriving, but now that they can throw him a ball, or dog treat, he has a new found appreciation for them. 

These days, Reese's life is more relaxed; Instead of running for miles on trails, you will find him playing with 'his' kids.  Instead of hiking through snow, he leisurely swims at Cottage Grove Lake.  Instead of camping outside, he sleeps on a rug in our home. 

The other day, I discovered our three-year old, Brogan, snuggled up to Reese on the floor.  They looked like two little Angels!  It only lasted for a moment, but it was sweet while it did."


Kristin explains, "Four years ago, Reese started limping.  We checked his paws for a thorn or injury, but after a trip to the vet, Reese was diagnosed with arthritis and given expensive prescription medication.

Luckily, we finally found something else that works for Reese.  It's an inexpensive Glucosimine, Chondrotin and MSM product.  We feel good about using it because of the low chance of negative side-effects.  It is heaven-sent because it has honestly changed his life."

Helena, a Tip 'n' Tales reader in Montana, writes" My son, Bob, and his wife, Nikki, gifted me a subscription to the Sentinel.  Tips 'n' Tales is my favorite part of the paper!   I have four rescue cats, and appreciate all the "Tips."

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Nymbus, "Kitty-Paddling"

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