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Tea for Two...with a Twist
- Dog's Diet is Not for the Feint of Heart -

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Bob and Miss Bailey, Tea for Two!
Don't let Miss Bailey's innocent look fool you!
Life is not easy when your dog eats everything
from underwear to tin cans and.....


"Note to self," writes Bob.  "Sometimes you don't want to know what your dog is eating!"

Recently, Bob was in his kitchen preparing some warm herbal tea for his upset stomach.  He looked out into the back yard and saw his Basset Hound, Miss Bailey, eating something.

Miss Bailey is part-dog part-goat and has a documented history of eating whatever she can fit in her mouth (socks, underwear, tin cans, etc.). Bob instantly knew there wasn't anything healthy in his backyard to eat, and he realized that whatever she was eating...did not belong in a dog's mouth!

Forgetting about his tea, he yanked open the door and ran out onto his deck, all the while yelling, "What are you eating?" 


"NO, Bailey!"




"Spit it out!"


"No! Bailey! NO!"


Urgently, Bob began patting her on the head and gently squeezing the top of her snout, all the time demanding, "Spit it out! NO ROCKS! YOU IDIOT!" 
Miss Bailey twisted, pulled, and crunched while poor Bob patted, squeezed, and swore.  The harder Bob tried to get the mystery treat away from his dog, the faster she chewed.  

"Finally, I reached in and grabbed it out of her mouth," says Bob.  And he remembers, a horrible look comes over his face, "Mmmm, slimy and crunchy and . . . is that a nose?  Oh, yep, those are whiskers . . . and rodent teeth.  I wish the neighbor's cat wouldn't leave her furry-trophies in my yard. Well, at least it's not a rock. . . I wish it had been!" 

Bob returned to the kitchen to thoroughly wash his hands.  Instead of drinking the cooling herbal stomach tea, he made himself a much-needed relaxing calming tea...even though his stomach still felt queasy.



Chocolate is poisonous for dogs. 

The German Shepherd Rescue group website informs its readers that dogs are unable to metabolize a key element in chocolate to prevent poisoning.  Detailed information: 

The NBC Today Show aired the dangers of putting Cocoa Mulch in a yard that has pets. Apparently, the garden mulch contains "Theobromine" a lethal ingredient that is toxic to dogs and cats. The mulch smells like chocolate and, sadly, attracts pets.   The mulch is made from cacao bean shells.

This pet safety information was sent to us by Tips 'n' Tales reader Adrienne in Connecticut, "My dogs, like Miss Bailey, eat anything that is not bolted down, so I thought your readers would like to know about this product and research on pet safety."

NOTE:  FDA Report: Report all adverse reactions related to your pet's food.   (425) 483-4949

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