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Warm Hearted, Efficient, Furry Alarm System

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Dorothy, Kobe, and Keith with fluffy Maltese sister bookends
Mattie and Maggie, enjoying a sunny afternoon.


Last summer, Keith and Dorothy awaken at dawn, and headed downtown to help water Cottage Grove's forty colorful hanging flower baskets and flower pots bordering Main Street.

During this time, they were confident that their home was burglar proof, because they have a one of a kind, red blooded, warm-hearted-furry burglar alarm system.  When you knock on their door, Kobe turns from a lovable, loyal and playful Australian Shepard into his alter ego, a highly protective Pit Bull...with attitude.

As soon as formal introductions are made, Kobe reverts to a happy house dog with smiling deep brown eyes.

Kobe is Keith and Dorothy's protector, companion and court jester.  There are three Territorial things in Cottage Grove, one is a road, the other is a famous seed catalogue company, and then Kobe.  When his two 15 year old dainty, four pound, white Maltese sisters go into the yard, Kobe watches over them like a hawk.  He is so efficient that he even protects them from birds flying over.  As protective as he is, he is also equally as gentle. When the eight inch tall 'girls' want to play with him, he carefully lays down onto the ground, so he wont tower over them.

Eighteen years ago, Keith and Dorothy's daughter had a liver transplant.  Three years later, on the transplant date, Mattie and Maggie were born.  They took it as a good sign of life, and adopted the tiny twins.

Last year, Mattie's blood work came back with high liver enzymes.  Knowing more about livers than most people want to, it chilled them to the bone.  During this time, their daughter was also having her liver enzymes tested, at UCLA Medical Center.  When her tests came back as normal, Keith and Dorothy had a thought and took Mattie back to the Vet.  Mattie's liver enzymes also were normal, just like their daughter's test results! 

This incident left them with no doubt about the special connection of pets and family.

Keith says, "Our dogs bring us joyful companionship, they are devoted to us, and we are to them.  When Kobe is outside, he doesn't knock to come in like most dogs who paw at the door.  Instead, Kobe goes to the sliding glass door, and knocks with his nose!"

Dorothy laughs, "We love having dogs, it is like raising a second family, now that our children are grown.  Except, this time, we don't have to put anyone through college."


Dorothy says, "We began cooking the dogs' food, because of the elder ones loose teeth. Their favorite food is chicken soup, it is good for every soul. We add broccoli, carrots and little brown rice, then freeze the soup for extra meals."

"At this point, I would not feed my animals, my kids or myself anything made in China. It may cost slightly more to buy a different treat or food, but it is just not worth the consequences anymore." Dr. Lisa Piccioni   DVM, Certified in Pet Chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association


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