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Tim, and his Siberian Huskies
 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Alisha, Rebecca, and Tim with Koda and Nikki,
and two of their bouncing puppies.

Fourteen years ago, Tim and Shelley married, and their first child was a dog.  The dog not only slept under the covers with them, it went every where they went.

Several years later, along came their two beautiful daughters, Rebecca and Alisha.  Luckily, the girls love dogs, as much as their parents.

The reason you only see Tim, Rebecca and Alisha in the photo, is today's column is a 'surprise' for Shelley!

The girls and Tim secretly planned the surprise, and the girls have been giggling, and wiggling with excitement at the thought of their mother picking up today's Sentinel newspaper, and discovering her 'famous' family!

Rebecca says, "Our mother and father dogs, Nikki and Koda, are Siberian Huskies and they love to run!  When we come home from school, Koda is so excited, he talks to us.  It sounds like this, "roo roo."
The dogs and their puppies love to run and play with each other. Nikki, is a very loveable dog.  She likes to lick us all over, she must think we are her puppies too!"

Alisha says, "The puppies love to jump on us and untie our shoe laces. We love their puppy breath.  We are so happy they all found loving homes because, we have the # 1 dogs in the world."


Tim says, "A key to keeping our dogs healthy, is to let them have plenty of exercise, make sure they eat healthy food, and have all their check-ups.  Most importantly, we believe they should have lots of love, and hugs. 
Our dogs have taught Shelley and me how to be good parents.  Love, compassion and patience is the key."

The pet food recall is still in full swing.  Keep updated on the latest dry, wet, pouched and pet snacks to be pulled.  

Double check your pets food, it may have been one of the almost thirty recalled last week!

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