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Cat Talks Like a Sailor!

Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Jim and Jean believe that they rescued Pill from a dangerous life on the wild side.
Pill, who talks like a sailor, believes that she rescued them from a petless life of boredom!
"In six decades of reading newspapers, I've never enjoyed a column as much as Tips 'n' Tales!  My wife, Jean, and I, love reading the pets' stories and find the tips helpful," said Jim.

To say that Jim and Jean live in the wilds of Oregon is an understatement.  Their home is way off the road, nestled amongst a pasture of fir trees.  The long walk to their mail box is bordered with wild blackberry bushes.

"Ten years ago, a yellow striped cat lived in those prickly berry brambles. She played Hide and Seek every time we walked up and down the driveway.

We love animals and talked to her, trying to lure her out, but she appeared to be afraid of people. Then, a year later, on the way back from the mailbox, following our usual routine, we talked to her. 

This time, the cat emerged from her lair and laid down on the driveway!  We walked up to her, and she let us pet her.  That must have sealed the deal in the cat's mind, because the next morning she was on our back porch, which she stoutly claimed as her new home. 

I say "stoutly claimed", because she chased both back porch tomcats away that we'd been feeding, (neighbors abandoned them when they moved out.)

Now, kitty-dinner-time took on a new dimension.  We had to feed the two "toms" on the front porch so the "new" cat could have the back porch. We named the new cat Pill Box because she was a real "pill" for chasing the toms off "their" porch.

Pill, once living a very reclusive life, turned into a talker.  She practically speaks English with long "sentences".

One time, Pill gifted us with a prized dead mouse.  She deposited her "gift of appreciation" right in front of the door! When she wasn't looking, I picked up the rodent and tossed it out into the pasture.  Minutes later, Pill realized that her mouse was not where she left it.  She earnestly searched around my feet.  When she realized "the present" was gone she turned, looked me squarely in the eyes, AND told me off!  I'd never heard that tone of voice from any cat!  She sounded like a mad sailor!  If her tirade could be interpreted, it would be censored! 

One time, I watched as a ticked-off Pill observed a raccoon eating her food!  Pill stayed a safe distance away until she saw me. She must have figured I was her back up! She ran up the porch stairs and swatted the offending raccoon on the rump!  The surprised raccoon jumped and took off after her.  It ran half way down the steps after Pill before it heard me running to her rescue, then it took off.  I guess Pill was right; I was her back up man!

Another male cat, also abandoned by its owners, showed up in our yard.  Pill Box, in an unusual change of attitude, liked him!  She taught him how to play, and in keeping with the last family name we named him Cracker Box.

I was raised on a dairy farm with lots of cats, but I've never had a cat as loving as Pill. It just shows how appreciative a homeless cat is when shown love, and fed.

Now that we are retired, Jean and I volunteer for the Humane Society at their This 'n' That Shop on the  corner of 8th and Whitaker. The shop raises funds for needy animals in our community.  It is a wonderful shop with the camaraderie of animal-loving people. Many come in for help in caring for their pets. The shop has discount spaying and neutering coupons, cages to help catch or transfer cats, and fascinating 'treasures' that caring people donate.  Everything sold goes into helping the animals," said Jim.

Miss Pill Box must be very proud of the pet parents she chose and saved from a petless life of boredom!


Always consult your doctor when injured by an animal!  Dog and cat bites can be dangerous with possible nerve or tendon damage or bone injury.  Pet bites and scratches that puncture the skin can lead to either tetanus or the retrovirus affliction of cat scratch fever.

My Native American friend phoned just after a very frightened cat bit my finger.  She exclaimed, "Rinse it out, soak it in hydrogen peroxide, then make a poultice of cayenne pepper and hold that in place with a Band-Aid!" 

Another friend phoned and said that the homeopathic remedy Hypericum Perfoliatum historically known for treating animal bites, pain, and sore fingers. My favorite homeopathy website:

Information is for reference purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition. It is not intended to substitute advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed healthcare professional. Always consult your physician.

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