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Mrw. Wren and Gordon, the Classroom dog
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Mrs. Wren, third Grade teacher at Harrison Elementary,
and her sweet Pug, Gordon

This is Gordon's first year as a classroom dog, and he is an "A" student! A for 'affection.'

Mrs. Wren says, "In the mornings, when Gordon and I drive to school, Gordon excitedly runs back and forth in the backseat.  He can hardly wait to be with his best friends!

Everyone loves Gordon!  Mrs. Wren's students agree.  As each one files into her classroom, their eyes sparkle, and they smile, when they see Gordon! 
It ought to be law, that every class room have a dog!
When you see twenty three faces light up, in a period of one minute, you would agree!

Student Kimberly says, "Some mornings, I do not want to come to school.  But having Gordon here, to welcome us, makes it easier to come.  Also, the funny way he snorts makes us all laugh."

Student Ivan says, "He is a great pet to have around.  His cute curly tail, reminds me of a pig, and I have learned a lot about Pugs, because of Gordon."

Mrs. Wren says, "Each day, my students are assigned "Gordon duty."  They alternate this responsibility, so each student participates, and makes sure he is fed, has water, and is taken out for bathroom breaks!"

Gordon's second birthday was February 24th, and the children sang Happy Birthday to him.  On Valentine's Day, they brought him dog treats!  As they say, 'Sweets for the sweet.'

Clapping upsets Gordon, so in consideration for him, the class now claps in sign language.

Mrs. Wren adds, "The class is accustomed to Gordon's loud snoring, from his crate, and they love to laugh at him, when he yawns.  Sometimes I think Gordon yawns, just to hear the students laugh."

The sign on Mrs. Wren's classroom door reads, "Keep door closed, dog inside learning new school rules." 
It appears the children are learning as much about dogs, as the dog is, about going to school.


Mrs. Wren teaches us some pet tips, "Gordon is a great addition to our classroom.
He teaches students responsibility, and provides a sense of comfort to others. 
Not all students have pets at home, and Gordon gives them an insight into the lives, and needs, of four legged fur family members.

One of my concerns about the Pug breed, is that they easily become overweight. 
Knowing this, my husband and I, take Gordon out walking every day, seeing to it that he gets plenty of exercise, as well as the exercise he gets, with the children at school!
One of the reasons, Gordon is so handsome, is because he is in shape! 
Exercise is important for both pets' and peoples' health!"

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