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Dog Rescues & Adopts A Kitten

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Kathleen cuddling with Bear and Kane.
Two years ago, Bear rescued and adopted his own kitten, Kane.


Eight years ago, Kathleen went to look at a healthy mixture of German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Lab puppies.

Most people pick out their pet, but Kathleen knew that if a pet picks you, then you have a friend for life.

She sat close to the litter of puppies, and waited patiently until a tiny puppy waddled over and chose her. 

Kathleen said, "We had no idea that he would ever grow this big!  He weighs 118 pounds! Bear appears big and scary, but he is truly a gentle bear, and he loves both his human and cat family!  He is so special that people often ask me where they can get a dog exactly like him."

Kathleen's brother Jarrod also adds, "Bear loves his cats." So, this week and next week's Tips 'n' Tales, carries two of Bear's cat stories. 

Two years ago, Kathleen and Bear drove to Dan Franklin's Auto Body Shop in Veneta, Oregon. 

In the yard was an abandoned kitten. Bear bounded over to the orphan to befriend it.  The tiny kitten tried to scare Bear off by poofing up its fur and looking as large as possible.  Which amounted to the size of a furry apple!

Bear was instantly intrigued, and the animals played the entire time Kathleen visited her friend.

When it was time to leave, and Kathleen called Bear to go home, he stood his ground. He would not leave.  It did not matter how Kathleen tried to coax him into the truck.

She called him again. Bear looked at her, looked over at the kitten, bent down, and picked up the kitten in his mouth.  He carried it to the truck, and jumped in. 

Talk about picking your own friends!  What was Kathleen going to say!  Her dog now had its own kitten! And they named it Citizen Kane. 


Kay's dogs go ballistic during July 4th fire works and thunder storms. 

Kay says, "I found a homeopathic remedy,  Pet Calm,  at both the feed and health stores and it works like magic, better than other things we used in the past.  Last July 4th, we gave it to the dogs, and they went to bed as usual and did not wake us up barking when the fire works began.  They were calm in the last thunder storm too!"

Richard in California writes, "What a joy it is to read Tips 'n' Tales. I learn from each story, and look forward to them. The photographs are heart warming, and the tips are very useful.  When Mary Ellen began writing this column, I knew it would be very good, but had no idea it would tug on my heart-strings, to the extent it does.  For me, and I'll bet for others, the stories are a special treat we savor, the way most people savor dessert.  I just can't get enough of Tips 'n' Tales!"

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