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Jen and Leo, the Lab
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Jen and Leo discovering Cottage Grove 
 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Jen, eleven years old, and Leo, a one year old Golden Lab,
discovering the beauty of Cottage Grove. 
They are walking by City Hall's Covered Bridge.


Jen and her family recently moved to Cottage Grove, from Boise, Idaho.  Jen loves animals and bicycle riding.
She was discovered by Tips 'n' Tales columnist, Mary Ellen, cruising though town, on her bicycle with her best friend Leo, investigating their new city.

Leo is a huge male Lab, it is not often you see a dog, as long as a bicycle!

Jen explains why Leo is a special part of her life, "My dog is very different, some dogs do not like baths, but Leo loves to take baths. 
In fact, when I am not looking, he will jump in the bathtub with me!

We bike alot, and people are always asking, "When you are riding, doesn't he pull, and make you fall off?"
I tell them, No! I never trained him, he is so smart, he figured it out himself, like automatic.  He heels with my bike, like he does while walking. 
This way, we both enjoy our bike riding adventures."

Jen says, "Exercising your pet is important. Because I am smaller than Leo is, bike riding lets us both have fun.  I never go too fast, so Leo does not get tired. 
We pace each other evenly.  I also walk the neighbor's dog, so it can have some exercise too."

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