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Lucy Does her Duty
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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Billie-Jo with Lucy, a 5 year old, huggable hairless Chinese-Crested


Billie-Jo and Lucy's lives are about to change! Many may recognize Billie-Jo's name as she has contributed dozens of beautiful photographs depicting Cottage Grove life, and its residents to the Sentinel.

Now Billie-Jo and Lucy are about to move to parts unknown.

Billie-Jo and her husband Michael have been married nine years, and three months ago, he reenlisted in the army.

Michael knew that when he was shipped out, his wife would be missing him, so as a huggable distraction, he bought Lucy.
He was right, Lucy puts a smile on his wife's face.  

Billie-Jo says, "Lucy does the cutest thing when she goes out into the rain.  She dislikes putting her feet on the wet ground, so she walks around the yard, standing on her two back feet!  Yes, like a person! 

I must admit, she may have perfected this unusual technique while begging for her treats.  Lucy's antics and sweet spirit are helping me through this difficult transition period to a military wife's life."

We know that Readers join us,  in thanking Michael and the many other soldiers who are leaving their homes, families and pets.  Know that you are thought of everyday. We send our prayers for a soon and safe return with your families.


Billie-Jo says, "Always keep your pets warm in cold weather.  Dogs like Lucy have special needs, and should always wear a sweater outside."
Suzka, a Tips 'n' Tales reader in Portland, sadly reports, "In a recent dark, early morning walk, my friend didn't see that the puddle her dog was drinking from had a greenish tint. It contained deadly anti-freeze!  She thought he was just thirsty, because he kept on lapping it up.  Apparently, anti-freeze tastes sweet, so animals keep drinking it.
By the time he developed symptoms; disoriented, vomiting, his liver and kidneys where failing.  It was too late, he soon died.
Every year 10,000 cats and dogs die from anti-freeze poisoning.  A small amount makes them deathly ill.
Snow globes also contain anti-freeze. If a globe breaks or leaks, remove pets from the room, and thoroughly clean up all the liquid.
If a cat or dog has a 'drunken, stagger', rush them to the vet immediately!"  

Pat, a Chehalis, Washington, Tips 'n' Tales reader adds, "There is currently a movement requesting a bill be passed requiring antifreeze companies add something bad tasting to their product, so it will no longer be attractive to animals. 

Please consider contacting your representatives, legislature and political groups, who you think would support such a bill.  Encourage them to do so, helpless animals are counting on us to take action."

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
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