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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
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Cat Celebrates
Veterans Day with Soldiers

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Photo Courtesy of Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Mastriano"
Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Mastriano taking a moment out of his war duties to visit with Diesel, the Headquarters cat, in Kabul, Afghanistan.



Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Mastriano stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, writes, "As you can imagine - things are busy here - as it is a combat zone.

Our mission, is led by NATO under ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) - and is comprised of 38 nations.

Under my command, are soldiers from 18 nations - we work in an international environment.

These multi-national soldiers are heroes, and they also play a key role here in supporting a local orphanage that houses 140 orphaned children.

At our NATO headquarters, we have a stray furry-orphan, Diesel (or Commander ISAF) a "stray" Afghan cat.

Diesel's primary mission is keeping the rodent population low.  As such, the staff is directed not to feed him.
However - he has many partisans among the soldiers, and as you can see - he has not missed many, if any meals.

Diesel goes everywhere on camp. Here in Kabul on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2007, the international staff of the ISAF mission conducted a ceremony.

Several of our NATO Allies honour the day in a solemn and respectful manner - especially the British and Canadians - to remember those who have fallen, from 1918... to today.

In honor of the Armistice of World War One, we conducted the ceremony on the 11th day, of the 11th Month, at the 11th hour (the instance where the cease-fire ended World War I in 1918.) The event is always somber and serious.

Hundreds of soldiers from 30 diverse nations throughout NATO stood in formation at our headquarters in KABUL; lining the street in a mixture of various desert colored uniforms.

Taps was played, and we rendered a salute.  The trumpet fell quiet, we lowered our salute and began two minutes of silence to remember those who fell.  As if on cue, Diesel came out howling and meowing - loudly - walking up and down the line. He continued howling - trying to get any one's attention, to pet him.

After the two minutes ended - with great purpose, he marched towards the middle area where the commander and the staff were.

As the commander began his remarks - Diesel walked up to him and began howling, and then wandered off, offering a light moment for the serious ceremony.
And, as I write this, Diesel made his rounds through camp and our office again - while my staff are busy helping the Afghan people.
Diesel owns this place, he strolled right in the door - loudly meowing - a funny, albeit welcome, interruption to our day. Please continue to pray for us in Afghanistan."

Photo Courtesy of Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Mastriano"
Diesel, the Headquarters cat, attending Veterans Day Ceremony


Does your pet know what you are thinking?  Possibly they are telepathic!  According to Marta Williams in "Ask Your Animal" and Dr. Agnes Julia Thomas in "Pets Tell The Truth" both authors share amazing stories on how animals see visual pictures in your mind, and respond to them.  The books focus on animal communication.

Marta Williams newly published 'Ask Your Animal" by New World Library teaches techniques to better understand our pets, complete with step-by-step instructions

After reading her book, I was out walking with a camera, and startled a herd of deer, who ran. 

Photo by Mary Ellen

I immediately sent out a thought, as taught in her book, "Stop!  I wont hurt you.  You are beautiful, and worthy of a photograph." 

Immediately the herd stopped running. Two of the deer stood perfectly still, turned their heads, and looked directly at me.  Their photographs came out beautifully as predicted!

Photo by Telepathic Connection and Mary Ellen with the camera

Marta Williams teaches us to listen to our pets by taking a deep breath, then look in their eyes.  She also suggests talking to them all day as if they understood every word you say. 

For a future Tips 'n' Tales, a woman with small children talked to her dog prior to his photograph.  The dog stood proud and still, the little boys, well, we forgot to talk to them and they wiggled the entire photo session!

Pets Tell the Truth by Dr. Agnes Julia Thomas, contains the miracle story of Miss Wings, the cat seen each week in the title of Tips 'n' Tales.

Mary Ellen's Swimming Cats are featured in Animal Wellness magazine. 

Their newly published June/July 2008 issue, pages 81-82 contains the story and beautiful photos of Myster E. and Miss Wings swimming lessons.

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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Nymbus, "Kitty-Paddling"

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