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Betty and Moses, Great Companions
  Betty and Moses, Great Companions

Betty is a Cottage Grove celebrity.
She helped shaped our city with her presence on the City Council for twelve years and hours of community volunteering.
Betty was the second woman to serve on our town's City Council and instrumental in developing Cottage Grove's City Government.

Betty was on a team that saw the vision and beauty of trees down Main Street.
Today, we benefit from their beautiful Autumn leaves, and summer shade.
Betty was declared Citizen of the Year and is loved and respected by people then and now.

Betty's father, Henry Weinhold, was "Captain of the Guards" on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.
Her family lived on the Island, in a duplex for 11 years, and every school morning she and twenty other students rode the Federal Launch to the mainland to attend school.

She knew quite a few of the high profile prisoners as they where secure under lock and key.
There never was an escape on Alcatraz and Betty's son Doug has an original picture of Al Capone being led away from court with his Grand-dad Weinhold going to Alcatraz.

Betty's father was injured in the attempted prison break of 1947 when the prisoners tried to take over the island.
He was shot in the ensuing altercation and taken care of by some of the prisoners for the two days as the island became an embattled holdup. He lived for 16 years after his rescue with one lung.

Betty met her husband, Peter, of 63 years in grade twelve.
Their life together produced five children, 5 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Peter has since passed.

Two years ago Betty moved into a retirement home. Moses, her cat moved too!

Her son Doug and his wife Kim say, "Moses gives Mom someone to mother, and they thrive on each other's company. She talks to him and he looks after her. They need each other."
Doug adds, "Mom is still the best Mother."

Betty says, "Moving into this retirement residence was a difficult transition, and Moses has made it easier. He makes me feel at home.
Moses is friendly to everyone and great company. Everything Moses does is cute. Oh, and Doug is cute too!" 


Moses was born into poverty in Cottage Grove like many tiny kittens. His current life is an exception, as he rose to a regal life and position at Magnolia Gardens, befitting his Egyptian name and his great beauty.
Moses has lived with Betty at the retirement home for two of his three years.

Doug suggests, "If you have a shut in cat it's a good idea to grow some grass in your house, they need it for roughage, so my wife Kim says, the vet says.
Moses happily eats his grass. Your cat may also enjoy his own little lawn to chew on!"

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