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Rick and Shari's 7 Yorkie-Poos
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Rick and Shari have their hands full with;
Deuce, Cali and Dakota, along with their four seven week
old Yorkie-Poo puppies. 

These Yorkie-Poos are famous at Cottage Grove's Fire Station!
Firefighter/Paramedic Rick, along with his male dog, Deuce, arrive at the station, with Deuce dressed in his own tiny fire fighter turnouts. In a word, cute, cute, cute!

Rick, and his wife Shari, are in love...with their dogs.  The entire time we talked, and they shared how special their dogs are, their faces radiated with joy and happiness.

Shari said, "I can't say enough about Yorkie-Poos'.  They don't shed, their 'fur' is hair, and people who are allergic to dogs, can enjoy this breed. 
The dogs average weight is 5-7 pounds, and they are adorable, sweet, intelligent, loving, good with children and great companions.
Our entire family is always smiling at the dogs' cute antics."

While interviewing Rick and Shari for this article, at their home, the mail was delivered and the dogs happily barked, so they are good alert dogs too! 
Shari says, "Dakota is helpful, and barks when the washing machine is off balance."

Rick says, "When Deuce plays 'catch' with us, he carries his ball to his bed, and then he rolls it back to us with his nose. 
If the ball doesn't reach us the first time, we say  "closer" and he tries again.  His version of catch, leaves us all laughing. 
They are wonderful family pets.  And when I have a difficult day at work, they always brighten my spirit."

"We have a set of Christmas bells on the back door, and when Deuce has to go outside, he rings the bell for our attention. 
Recently, one of his puppies also learned his doggy doorbell trick."

Cali and Dakota, both do a little happy dance, when Rick comes home from work. Imagine if your family did that!  The world would be a happier place!

And, for those wanting to meet a Yorkie-Poo, look for Shari and Rick this summer on their tandem bike, pulling its trailer...FULL of safely harnessed in, smiling, tail wagging, happy travelin' dogs!


Shari says, "Caring for small dogs is very different, compared to the German Shepard we had years ago. 
For their safety, and ours, we added bells to their collars.  Now we can hear them, and not step on them, when they come up behind us.
In addition to their specialty small dog food, we give them cooked eggs and meat and vegetables (especially broccoli.)

Small dogs are prone to dental problems.  We bought dog toothpaste from a pet store, and every other day, Rick brushes their teeth with an old electric toothbrush.  We are investing in their health.

Rick and I consider ourselves guardians to our dogs, as opposed to dog owners.  Cali, Deuce, and Dakota are beloved members of our family."  

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