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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen
Tips 'n' Tales Newspaper Columnist with Miss Wings

The Avon Lady & Her Cat

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"©
Phabulous Phoebe moved in with her Avon lady, Carol, a year ago.


AVON calling!  Carol is famous in Cottage Grove.  She has been an Avon Lady for 42 years and counting! In the early years, in rural areas, armed only with her dedication to Avon, a 357 Magnum gun and deer bones she ventured out. This gives a whole new meaning to Avon Calling!

When dogs chased her, she tossed them a deer bone and ran the other direction!  She reports, "One time, a goose chased me, and he was as mean as the dogs!"

Today, life is simpler for Carol.  She still goes door to door.  Now there is no longer a need for her to be a pistol-packing 75 year old Great-Granny with 10 ½ great grandchildren!

Carol currently lives on 40 beautiful acres in Cottage Grove, with Phabulous Phoebe.  Phoebe is an orange tabby with compelling green eyes.  Carol says, "Phoebe is a lovely companion.  She follows me from room to room for company."

Phoebe was a rescue from an Animal Shelter.  The neighbors found her, brought her home, but Phoebe did not like living with their dogs.  This time, as a lady with her own mind, Phoebe decided to choose her new home, and she chose Carol's!

Graceful Phoebe is both a Diva and a Huntress. A year ago, she spotted a bird in her yard and gave chase!  The bird, according to Carol, "...was a  large wild turkey! Before the chase got too far under way, the turkey flapped its wings, turned and chased Phoebe. Phoebe ran like the wind and leapt up onto my deck for safety!”

One hundred years ago, Carol’s land was an Indian camp ground, and it is covered with hundreds of harmless 6-8 inch, gray-brown lizards.

“It is the funniest thing to watch!” Carol laughs, “Phoebe chases the lizards, catches them by holding them down, with her paw, by their tails.  These lizards have the ability to detach their tails.  Phoebe has not figured this out yet, and has the funniest look on her face, and pulls her ears back in confusion, when the lizards leave her holding their tail as they take off running up a rock wall.”

She is also a great guard cat. When a feral cat comes onto ‘her’ property she runs them off like a guard dog.

Deer love grazing on Carols acreage. Phoebe sits peacefully watching them.  “Thankfully, Phoebe has no desire to chase them like the lizards, turkeys and wild cats!" says Carol.

Phabulous Phoebe, the feline huntress also has large gophers, mice, and squirrels on her menu.  She loves to show her big game trophies to Carol, and carries them home as gifts.  Carol responds, "They are not my idea of a gift. Jewelry would impress me more!"

In the house Phoebe scatters the scatter rugs. "Isn't that what they are for?" asks Phoebe.
She hooks her claws into the small rugs, and flips them aside, or runs and slides on them.
A lesson we can all learn from Phoebe and Carol is that as we age, there is no need to slow down, or lose our zest for life!

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Wild Turkey on the run.....

Carol's suggestions to keep pets off furniture, "Phoebe loves to sleep in my office while I am doing AVON business. 
To keep her off the desk, and my lap while typing, I bought her a $3.33 bright purple cubical. Phoebe loves it!  Sometimes, I put catnip inside and she goes wild playing with it. Since cats sleep 20 of the 24 hours a day, she has a lovely place to rebuild her energy between hunts."
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