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Little Mother Hen,
Ariel and Her Chicks

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Ariel holding Blackberry,
a one year old Cuckoo Maran


Tips 'n' Tales is the purrfect opportunity for children to read something they love.

These educational stories teach them how to care for their pets .
A lot of little girls want horses when they grow up, but not Ariel.  Her dream was to have chickens!  Yes, chickens! So, a year ago, she brought five tiny-fluffy chicks home.

Her father built a large fancy chicken coop; bought hay, sawdust, feed, bowls, and wired in a fence with a fancy door.

Five months later, the chicks became hens and laid their first egg.  It was small enough to be dipped in gold and made into an earring.  It truly was a golden egg, because it cost a pretty penny before it materialized in their Taj Mahal Chicken coop! Ariel's family felt guilty cooking  the tiny egg, because it was barely big enough to eat.

Ariel says, "I love spending time with my chickens.  With my hectic college schedule,  Paramedic studies and duties at the fire station, the hens are relaxing to watch and listen to. Their feather coats are artistically beautiful. 

Watching them explains exactly why the children's story Chicken Little was written. Chickens become hysterical at the slightest movement.  They are afraid of one of their own loose feathers blowing freely in the wind, and will squawk and run the full length of the yard like Chicken Little to avoid impending doom.

The most soothing thing about chickens is; they chit chat with a purr like voice ... like best friends, all day long.  They coo and talk to each other in their own quiet language, where one responds to the others.  They truly have a hen party.  Chickens remind me of my grandmother's Bridge friends, sitting around after a game, having tea and chatting about every day things in friendly voices."

The breed of the chicken depicts the color of eggs it lays. Ariel's white chicken Lily lays white eggs, Iris lays light tan eggs, Heather and Sandy lay green and blue eggs, where as Blackberry only lays dark chocolate colored eggs.  Ariel says, "They usually produce one egg a day, and because of the colors it is like Easter egg hunting."



Not everyone wants chickens in their back yard, because they are mini-excavators and tear up your grass and garden looking for bugs. 

There is a reason they call fencing, "chicken wire."

It is used to keep chickens in an enclosed area, so they don't decimate your yard.  Chickens also need a dry dirt area, for dust baths, to keep lice off their feathers.


Pet Food Recall Tip

There currently are no recalls with any pet foods. Whenever a pet shows signs of vomiting, consider the food source, and get a veterinarian's opinion. Not all boxes and cans of one pet food brand will be off when another is OK.

Mary  Koepfle at Farmhand Feed says, "If you feel your pet's food maybe in question, contact the company with the serial number and phone number on the product.  Ask the company to do an independent study on it. This way they will learn about the problem faster."

The latest mention of a recent pet food in question was posted on the consumer affairs web site.

If your pet loves its food, then it is probably very good for it. If it picks at its food, then consider that the food may be off, and your pet is just as picky as you would be with stale or rancid food.

Pay attention to your pet's eating habits and you will both benefit. Never force your pet to eat something that it does not want to, it maybe wiser than you about its quality.


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