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One Person's Trash, Another's Treasure
 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Tere and Diane with Stellaluna, a four year old Pomeranian-Mystery breed
who shines light on the rainy days of Tere's life. Stellaluna is a seizure alert dog. 


Stellaluna...what an odd name you may say. This precious dog was named after the book, Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon. The book is a story about a baby fruit bat who is separated from its mother before it can fly. The bat's little fox-like face, and the dog's face look so much alike that they are now namesakes.

No one knows Stella's past, but it must have been horrific.  A year ago, a man arrived at Diane's Market yearly Spring Fair.  Diane recalls, "The man walked up to my friend Kathie, and said, 'My friend saw a car slow down and kick this dog out of it by her apartment's dumpster.  She rescued it and then gave it to me.  Do you know someone who needs a dog?'"

The perpetrators (animal abusers) must have reasoned that the dog could scrounge for food by the dumpster. In their idiocy, they did not realize a 10 inch high dog can not get anything to eat from a 5 foot high blue dumpster. The poor animal was destined to starve.

"Kathie immediately took the dog, and just at that moment Tere walked by her and she told me, "I would never have thought of Tere if she had not come by in that minute. It was a miracle of sorts!"

Every one knew that Tere's old dog, Josie, was failing.  Josie's time on earth was short, so this new little dog might just fit the bill!"

Tere lovingly carried Stella home.  Because Josie was not feeling well, she generally was not comfortable with other dogs around her.  Carefully, Tere, introduced Stella. The dogs seemed to like each other, so Tere gently placed Stella in the basket beside Josie.  "Instantly, like super glue, they took to each other," explains Tere.

"Josie laid down next to Stella and put her arm over her. It was precious. Stella was a comfort in Josie's final hours. Josie passed away 48 hours later." Tere lovingly shares. "Everyone thought I rescued Stella, but she rescued me.  Stella rescued me from the loss of Josie,  and from my seasonal depression.  Stella lifts my spirits.  She is so loving when she knows I am having a bad day.  When I cry, she licks the tears off my face, and puts her paw on my arm. Her sweet presence lets me know everything is going to be OK.  Stella is a quiet dog, she hardly ever barks.  When I first got her, I was worried that they had removed or damaged her bark when they tossed her away like garbage."

Tere never realized the expression, 'one man's trash, another's treasure' would apply to a living animal. Stella has definitely become a priceless treasure in Tere's life for another reason!

Tere has petite-mall seizures, and Stella, although untrained, alerts her to on coming seizures.

"About 5 minutes before a seizure, Stella changes her behavior and does something resembling a potty-dance, she shakes and then pulls on my pant leg.  It means sit down.  This way I wont be hurt during a seizure.  A seizure lasts any where from 1-20 minutes and Stella stays with me until I return to normal.  She was never trained as a seizure alert dog, she instinctively knew to protect me." 
 Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
It is easy to see how much Tere loves Stella
Diane adds, "Instead of raising another dog, Stellaluna stepped easily into Tere's life filling the void after Josie's passing. When people are looking for a new family pet, consider older good and loving dogs and cats waiting at humane shelters.  Stella is loving and adorable.  Josie does not walk, she prances. She reminds people of the famous Lipizzaner Stallions, lifting her tiny feet up high and proud.  At the same time, she lifts every one's spirits making us smile and laugh."

"Stella loves it when I blow on her belly," laughs Tere.  "All four of her legs wiggle and move just like when you tickle a toddler.  When she has enough, she ends by tickle-licking my nose making me laugh.  Every night, she snuggles in next to my neck and falls asleep. Her presence is a 'present'.   Just her being with me, makes me feel like every thing is good in the world and it is time to go to sleep."


Tere's has tips for pampering pooches. "Every day, I put a teaspoon of olive oil and wheat germ, from the health food store, in Stella's food.  Her coat is soft and silky, and she does not have  fleas.  Also, to keep your long haired pets from matting, brush their fur coats at least once a week.  This will prevent the loose hairs from tangling."

When administering eye or ear drops...for pets or people...consider keeping the bottle in your pants pocket for a few minutes to warm it up to body temperature.  This way the medicine soothes and does not shock the pet patient.

NOTE:  FDA Report: report all adverse reactions related to your pet's food.   (425) 483-4949

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