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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Shady Oaks owners, Cindie and Mike taking a rare break from their blossoming nursery business; along with their three-meeter-greeters - Tucker, Tanner and Pazley who are customer favorites.


Silly me! I walked into Shady Oaks Plants and Produce, 77380 Hwy 99 S., and thought it was just a nursery. 
Instead, a tantalizing freshly-baked cookie aroma lifted up and out from the kitchen of their bright red building.  The mouth watering fragrance surrounded customers as we walked amongst the multi-colored flowers and many green vegetable plants.  Some days, it is Shady Oaks famous apple-zucchini bread that captures customers senses and taste buds!

This is no ordinary nursery, they offer garden and craft classes, pumpkin patch rides, Father's Day brunch, Tuesdays - are senior discount days, and they have fun events for local retirement homes.  The list goes on and is obvious...the owners love people, plants and pets!

Shady Oaks is a family business for owners Mike and Cindie, their three parents, three daughters...and three dogs. 

Tucker, a rescue from the Humane Society, is a long time customer favorite.  A fourteen-year-old, 80% black Labrador and 20% mystery-breed is the official greeter.  He ambles quietly up beside customers making them feel welcome.  Well, actually to investigate wether they bought any of the scrumptious Umpqua ice cream he is addicted to!  Talk about pet paradise!  Tucker's parents sell mouth watering ice cream!

Dachshund pups, Tanner and Pazley are Shady Oaks newest meeter-greeters in training.  But, Tucker refuses to train them!  He has had his muzzle bent-out-of-joint since their arrival. Or maybe it is not that complicated!  Possibly, he doesn't want to share his customers or more importantly...his ice cream!

Cindie looks up from helping a customer, smiles and says, "If you are eating an ice cream cone, Tucker is your instant new best friend!"

One of Tucker's favorite customers, Laura, arrives once a week to treat herself to an ice cream cone.

On her weekly date, she sits for a spell and has a chat with Tucker.  Laura has a wonderful sense of humor and phoned her daughter in Alaska, "I am dating a beautiful black gentleman." She sees no need to tell her daughter that Tucker is her special loving date.

Tucker recently underwent successful surgery and his vet suggested, "With Tucker's weight gain and health needs, his diet should no longer list ice cream as his #1 food choice."

But, that will not stop Tucker from following you around ... he is restricted to looks, not licks these days!


"I enjoy Pet Tips 'n' Tales, and photocopy and mail them to my pet loving friends across the U.S. and over seas," shares Linda. "Poppy, is one of them. She lives in South Carolina with her 3 dogs and 2 cats.
When my cat developed a rash on his nose, Poppy responded, "A similar thing happened to my cat and dog!  My Vet said, 'It maybe an allergic reaction to their plastic food and water dishes. Also, small scratches in the plastic bowls can harbor hard to get rid of bacteria.'
Poppy switched her pet's food and water bowls to stainless steel, and her pets rashes cleared.  For my cat and two dogs health I too changed their water and food dishes to ceramic.  No more plastic for us!"
Breaking Pet News
After two years of reports of illness and death in pets who were fed Nutro, the FDA  confirms that they are conducting an ongoing investigation.

Vomiting in both people and pets is an indication that something is wrong!  When you purchase pet food, and your pet becomes ill and stops as soon asl you change brands...let the store and pet food company know.  Call the 1-800 number on the product, and contact the FDA!   My experience is that most stores and pet food companies will refund your money for the food, but their staff does not care about your ill pets. 

Your best line of defense; contact the FDA to protect other people's pets and make pet food companies accountable to change their products. The FDA tracks what is going on and the sooner you report a problem, the sooner it can be resolved. 
Report adverse reactions related to your pet's food.   FDA (425) 483-4949

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