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 Family Female Friends
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Misty, Autumn and Grandmother Janet 
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" 
 Family Friends
Misty, Autumn, Grandmother Janet
with Roxanne and Olivia


Roxanne, is a five year old, Blue Heeler and Border Collie mix, who lives on a farm. 
It is a good thing she has  9 lives like a cat, because she has fallen out of a truck, been hit by a car, and bitten by a raccoon. 
If an animal is accident prone, its Roxanne for sure!
Both Blue Heelers and Border Collies are herd dogs, who love to herd, cattle, sheep and....this includes four wheelers and anything with fur and four feet.

When Roxanne eats, she turns, growls and attacks her back foot, just like the dog, on the TV show, Americas Funniest Video. 
Roxanne continuously turns, growls and snaps, until everyone is bent over laughing.
Roxanne loves car rides, she wakes Misty and Autumn's father up at 5 o'clock, to go to work with him. 
Sadly, he recently changed job locations and she can't go as often, and is very upset with him about it!
Roxanne trots across their property, to Misty and Autumn's Grandmother's home, where she steals treats from their Grandmother's dog, Olivia.
Olivia, is a two year old,  Tea Cup Poodle.
It is hush-hush, because she is named after Janet's best friend's cat. 
No one can bring themselves to tell Olivia!

Olivia only gets treats when Roxanne pops in for a visit, so she is always happy to see her! 
Olivia drops her chew her toys, into Janet's purse, then steals anything she can from the purse, and hides it around the house. 
Grandma Janet, doesn't think the game is as funny as Olivia does!


Autumn says, "Lots of love and attention keeps our dogs healthy.
We take Roxanne every where with us, or she becomes depressed. 
Some days, when she looks sad, I put her in the pickup, and drive her to town to cheer her up."

Olivia's health benefits by going to the Cottage Grove Professional Grooming, every five weeks, for her beauty treatments.
She loves her pretty hair bows, until they fall out, and then she kills them!

Also, New World Library recently published, The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy  - and Why They Matter by Marc Bekoff.  

Jane Goodall states, "In the Emotional Lives of Animals, Marc Bekoff pulls together the growing body of scientific evidence, that supports the existence of a variety of emotions in other animals, richly illustrated by his own careful observations. 
Combining careful scientific methodology with intuition and common sense, this book is a great tool for those who are struggling to improve the lives of animals in environments where, so often, there is a total lack of understanding. 
I hope it will persuade many to reconsider the way they treat animals in the future." 

 Pet Adoption info: www.PetFinder.org 

Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
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