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Tips 'n' Tales is attracting a new group of readers! Twinkle is reading how Jo's dogs saved Jo's life. Word is out in the pet population on this fun column, that it is entertaining,  educational, and designed in their best interest.


Leslie has worked at Cascade Home Center for eight years and says, "Our customers discuss everything from lumber to nuts. But by far their favorite topic is the Sentinel's Tips 'n' Tales column," explains Leslie.
"Customers share the useful pet tips they've learned, the amazing pet rescue stories, and they laugh over the funny pet escapades.  I've never heard anything negative. In fact some customers have used the stories to teach their children how to care for animals.

When Tips 'n' Tales first appeared in the Sentinel, I thought, 'OH! NO!  This pet column will never last.' 
I enjoyed it so much, that I thought I would die if it ended! Four years later, the column remains my favorite!  It's always the first thing I look for in the Sentinel. 

A Tips 'n' Tales article mentioned that the movie star Jerry Lewis is reading the column.  I wanted everyone to know that he is not the only one! My husband, Dennis, and I also enjoy the pet column, and so does our cat, Twinkle. She loves it!
(Story Twinkle is reading about Jo's dogs:
I don't know how she knows, but when I turn to the Tips 'n' Tales page, she jumps up on my lap, and looks at the picture as I read the tale. 

As you can see in the photo, Twinkle looks directly at the pets and their people's photograph, to see if she recognizes them.
She places both her front paws onto the Sentinel and focuses on the photograph.   Honestly, it looks like she is reading the story as well. She is a faster reader than I am because she jumps down as soon as I turn the page.

Twinkle has been 'reading' for about five months. Maybe Twinkle is looking for herself in the column? After all she is newsworthy, intelligent, extremely beautiful, and talented.  Just imagine how thrilled Twinkle, named after a twinkling 'star', will be seeing herself in this week's newspaper!" laughs Leslie.

Twinkle's adoption was not very glamorous. She was adopted out of a box in a parking lot! 
Apparently, a family 'forgot' to spay their 5-month-old kitten, and before you could say..."oops"...Twinkle and her five fluffy-siblings were born. Twinkle was spayed, at five months old, to break the cycle of early unplanned pregnancies.
It is a good thing that Leslie's loving family adopted her, not all 'freebies' get good homes.  Some kittens and puppies go to people looking for a cheap meal for their pet snake, alligator, or to sell to a lab for testing. People will never tell you what their intentions are. Seriously consider this when adopting out unwanted fur-babies.  It is better to take them to a humane shelter, or better yet, alter their parents first.

Twinkle is nine months old and a 100% inside kitty.  Her favorite past times, besides reading the newspaper, are; madly chasing her laser light toy, investigating the mysteries of cardboard boxes, and killing any toy with feathers.
"Time for true-kitty confessions," Leslie admits. "If Twinkle finds anything we leave out, that furry thief drags it off, plays with it for awhile, and then darned if we can ever find it again!  Most of our pens, pencils, medication bottles, combs, etc. are missing.

It might be funny, if it weren't so exasperating! At our age, we wonder if we are losing your minds when we put things down and then can't remember where we left them.Twinkle is not helping the situation!
After Dennis' surgery, Twinkle stole his prescription pills.  To date, we still have not found them!  Recently, we were lucky to discover a treasure trove of Twinkle's gems hidden under the stove when we pulled out its drawer!

One evening, Twinkle dragged a new bag of cat food off the washing machine,and down the hallway to Dennis watching TV.  She was obviously ready for a late night snack," laughs Leslie.

At bedtime, Leslie enjoys nibbling at crackers from a cellophane baggie while she reads in bed.

"One night, I fell asleep," said Leslie, "and Twinkle stole the bag of crackers and carried them out to Dennis."

There are no secrets in this family when Twinkle is involved and sometimes it makes it hard to put a smile on your face.  Twinkle pinched and hid Dennis' dental Fix-o-Dent!  They  were lucky to find it days later when they caught her playing with it again.

"We have two Cocker Spaniels, and just like them Twinkle loves to retrieve. When you toss Twinkle a toy, she brings it back to you.  She loves a scrunched up tin-foil ball, and will bring it back to you as long as you toss it.

Our dogs tell their dog friends, "Can you imagine! Our parents brought home a CAT, so we are tolerating it." But then surprisingly, we find all three of them, curled up together, sleeping ...they secretly love Twinkle too.


Twinkles says, "Please neuter and spay your pets to prevent pet suffering from over population."
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