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Mary Ellen and Miss Wings
Mary Ellen & Miss Wings
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Taking the Dogs
to the Cleaners

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Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Gary with blue eyed Allie, and Valerie with
her "best" birthday, gift brown eyed Dillon.

Valerie's husband, Gary, had a Shepherd when they married, and through the next thirty-eight years, more Shepherds followed.  As a child, Valerie's family had a gentle Black Lab, and she kept telling Gary how special Black Labs were.

Valerie said, "Two years ago, on my birthday, I read in a newspaper that a year old Black Lab needed a home.  We went to see the dog, Dillon, and found him undersized. Apparently, his owners kept him caged in a kennel, inside their home, while they were at work.

Dillon saw me, walked over and laid his head on my lap.  His beautiful big brown eyes softly looked up and focused on mine.  We knew we were meant to be together.

Dillon loves chasing Frisbees and balls with our grandson, Payton, and thrives on walks along the river.  Dillon put on twenty pounds of muscle, since he joined our family.  He and our other dogs and cats all sleep together.  Dillon is very gentle, and has never misbehaved. 

Six months ago, we adopted another Black Lab, Allie, when her owner abandoned her.  Allie's, name stands for truth, noble and friend, and she is all of that!"

Dillon is a professional model and career dog!  He is the spokesperson for Valerie and Gary's ingenious Sud-N-Shine Dog Wash at their RV and Car Wash business in Cottage Grove.

Valerie explains, "We learned that some car washes had added self service dog washes.  We loved the idea, and opened a two sink dog wash. Dillon is our advertising model.  Like a typical Lab he loves water and anything to do with it, including being shampooed and conditioned! Dillon is probably the best birthday present I ever got."

When you see Valerie and Dillon together, the love they have for each other is evident.  Just like the first time they met, Dillon lovingly looks at her with a soft adoring expression, and his eyes rarely leave her. 

Valerie suggests, "I hope our story encourages others to adopt a pet, ours have brought us so much joy."


There are three methods to wash your pet; The old fashion way, Grab, Hold, Get Soaked, or Pet Groomers and Pet Wash Centers.  If you don't want to mop water up all over the house from a run-away half-washed wet cat or dog...consider taking them to a Pet Wash Center. 

The service's convenience of walking your pet up a ramp, into the wash tub and not having to bend over makes wash day a breeze. 

Also, if you bathe your pets at home and use a blow dryer, set the dryer on the lowest setting, so you do not dry out their fur and skin.

Pet Adoption info:

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