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Victoria, Mark and their three dogs
Victoria and Mark, with their small, medium and large size dogs;
Sadie, Max and Carter

Victoria and Mark's home is full of Saints!
Victoria and Mark, are the first two. They work with animal shelters, educating other pet guardians on the importance of spay/neutering, and responsible breeding practices.
They also are the guardians of one Saint Bernard, Sadie, Carter a Boxer, and Max, a Bulldog.
They foster Oregon Saint Rescue dogs, and also abandoned Boxers.
Victoria bought Sadie, the Saint, out of the back of a truck, at her husband's urging.
This breed has deeply touched their hearts and changed their lives.
People underestimate the growth potential of a giant breed. As puppies, they are cute and cuddly, but then grow BIG quickly.
Think of what a Chihuahua eats, now consider what a Saint Bernard consumes, and eliminates!
The result is...sadly, one third of all AKC registered Saint Bernards end up in shelters!
Most people can't handle or afford a giant breed - they don't research before bringing a puppy home. Sadie's new parents took a series of photos, one a month, in the same spot, to watch her grow!
In five months, Sadie went from 14 pounds to 100 pounds! Her appetite and growth, makes a human male teenager's look small.
In 2002, they rescued Brutus, Victoria's shop dog.
The couple own two Harley-Davidson dealerships, and Brutus went everywhere with Victoria. He even stared in their TV commercials!
Last June, Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, phoned Victoria, and asked her to foster Carter.
Carter was a blessing, because Brutus died suddenly. Carter has helped heal their pain of losing Brutus, and is now a permanent member of the family, an adoption sealed with love.
Carter, is a famous escape artist!
His two previous homes gave him up, when his constant impound fees became too much.
When indoors, Carter has a 3X4 see-through kennel with a top.
He was not running away, he was searching for someone to be with, because he is a very sensitive soul!
He loves to be with people, that is why I take Carter to work. Carter's sweet nature is a tremendous help in healing the pain of losing Brutus."
"Like Saint Bernards, Boxers also end up in shelters at 18 months of age, but for a very different reason.
They get bored and become destructive.
But, as any boxer lover can attest, they grow out of that.
You can help them, and you, with long walks, lots of exercise and interaction. They love people and adore children."
Pet owners must realize the responsibility of pets medical bills.
This year, Victoria and Mark paid a fortune on pet medical bills, hence their license plate K9 POOR.
Also, Cottage Grove Veterinary Clinic is on their speed dial, as is OSU Small Animal Teaching Hospital, where Sadie has had two surgeries in her 18 month life.
They have also researched animal insurance, and have a pet policy with VPI Pet insurance.
Last year, Victoria's animal loving nature, moved her to sell her Mercedes and buy a Suburban. Now, no one is left behind on road trips!
Max, their nine year old English Bulldog has one job, holding the cushions down on their couch! Sadie, Carter and Max are best friends, they sleep, eat and play together.
Where do all the dogs sleep?
Mark says, "With Sadie's bad hips and knees, she cannot be on the bed. Carter, does sleep with us, and he only knows one position- PERPENDICULAR!
As for our couch...the dogs love it! Isn't that why its called FUR-niture?"

Victoria says, "Boxers are energetic and intelligent.
They require maximum stimulation, for four years, then they turn into couch potatoes.
Boxers are people pets, and must be with their humans. Because, they are a working breed, they need a job.
If you do not give them one, they will find one, and it may not be one you want!
They might take on the job of digging plants up by the roots, chewing holes in drywall, eating sunglasses/hats/cardboard/window moldings etc.
Boxers have very short hair, so they are NOT outdoor dogs!
Saint Bernards, on the other hand, love the cold, wet weather!
We keep Sadie indoors, with a window open, so she wont overheat.
Giant breeds tend to be mellow, and are actually less work than a small dog.
They love being inside, just as much as the little ones!
They want to be next to you, and are big love-bugs, who snuggle with you on the couch or at your feet.
Feed pets good food, like California Naturals/EVO (Old Mill Farm Store), or Solid Gold NW Wolf King or Hund-n-flockin (Rays). Better food means they eat less, poop less, and stay healthier."
Victoria's advice to anyone thinking about adopting, or with room in your heart and home for a dog, "Please consider rescue or foster. Greenhill Humane Society has a terrific foster program.
Retired? Need something to do?
Shelters need walkers; people to help four-legged friends stay connected with human attachments, while waiting for adoption.
Who knows, you may end up like us, with a house full of fur and love."

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